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Obsessed: My New Shades

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx


Okay so here is another one of my many confessions that I do on this blog… I am obsesssssed with 90210. I have a serious taste for somewhat cheesy television, and this show tops my list. First I was drawn to the fashion, and then I of course got sucked into the over the top dramatic story line. My favorite character on the show has to be Naomi (Anna Lynne McCord) due to her always perfect look. Cheers to her stylist.

Now that I am fully embarrassed, let’s talk about the last episode I saw (99 problems I think it was called). Naomi was rocking the most amazing pair of circle sunnies, and I immediately was searching for them. Not even the Possesionista had them up yet. I was bummed. The other day while doing on my almost-daily shopping trip, I stumbled across pretty much the exact shades (similar style found here) for like $10 bucks. They were the very last pair, it was fate.





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