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NUDE 'Miracle Mask' Review

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP

NUDE 'Miracle Mask' ReviewNUDE 'Miracle Mask' ReviewNUDE 'Miracle Mask' Review
Nude Miracle Mask - £38
My latest weakness when it comes to treating myself has been to indulge in a few little skincare luxuries every now and again. Sunday evenings mean only one thing in my book and that's relaxation - bubbly bath and  a giant pamper sesh in preparation for a hard weak ahead. And as far as I'm concerned, nothing makes me feel more pampered than a face mask. One of my favorite things to do is to have a soak, put one on and lie there whilst it does it's magic - normally catching up on YouTube vids and my favorite blogger's posts from the previous week. Bliss!
Anyway, onto the product. I had first seen the Nude Miracle Mask raved about by the lovely Kate (Ghostparties) who always seems to have the most radiant looking flawless skin - and so I thought right, I need to give this a go - hoping that the 'miracle' name really would live up to the hype. The only thing that put me off slightly to begin with was the price tag. "Thirty eight pounds for a face mask, think of the lipstick you could get for that" I kept saying to myself. However, I eventually gave in (persuaded by the £5 voucher I was sent for my birthday from Feel Unique a couple of weeks back) and snapped it up.
I wasn't disappointed. Exfoliating my skin is, I find, the most satisfying part of the skincare routine - the feeling afterwards of it being super smooth and knowing that it is free of any old dead cells leaves me feeling so renewed and refreshed. With the miracle mask - I get this sense of satisfaction, but along with it I feel like my skin has an extra glow to it - it feels brighter and more awake, "plumped" and as though it has really benefited. Another thing that makes me think this, is the fact that for the five minutes I leave it on for, I can really feel it getting to work - experiencing a tingling sensation (not uncomfortable, though it may be for people with particularly sensitive skin) which makes me think it's really doing some good.
I would definitely re-purchase as I think it has made a noticeable difference to my skin having only used it a handful of times. The price tag is a little steep, though the fact that the product itself contains a mixture of natural AHA's and rice beads to achieve what it does and contains to "nasties" definitely makes me feel that it's worth it. It is a product that I look forward to using each time I reach for it and one that is now definitely a firm favorite within my skincare regime.
Has any one else tried this mask - if so, what were your thoughts? I'd also really love to receive any other NUDE skincare recommendations as it is a brand I have yet to explore but that I have heard plenty of good things about! :)NUDE 'Miracle Mask' Review

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