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NSA: Not So American

Posted on the 28 April 2014 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

After 9/11, George W. Bush enacted a spying system; egotistically named the ‘President’s Surveillance Program’. Later to be called the ‘Terrorist Surveillance Program’ and, ‘Domestic Surveillance Program’. One goal of this program was to reconnoiter its own. Eavesdropping on American citizens; eyeballing for ‘terrorists’ affiliated with Al Qaeda. Because of the horrific attack on American soil, most did not question the Platform. After all, this program is designed to protect the United States from future attacks; isn’t it? Not necessarily.   

   Edward Snowden proved, NSA’s programs go beyond the perimeters of ‘searching for terrorists’. Without warrant and against federal law -against the Constitution –NSA filters data from Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Apple, Verizon, Skype, and AT&T via fiber-optic splitters. These ‘splitters’ direct data to NSA and servers simultaneously. Allowing NSA to store data or view it in ‘real-time’, both, from phones and internet; even taping into undersea cables. Question is: Does Snowden’s action make him a Hero or Trader? It depends who you ask.  

    Snowden is both –a hero and turn-coat. A hero for making Americans aware – too beware. However, turn-coat for giving information to other countries. There’s very few countries who remain allies to America; some being double-dealing allies. Turning over such information could aid an enemy. On the other hand, he lost his family, country, job, and entire existence to warn his fellow compatriots of the dangers their government posed. Regardless, if Snowden ever comes back to the United States, he’ll face Espionage charges. Hero or Benedict Arnold –Snowden is black-balled from America.

   A more pressing issue is, how are Americans going to reign-in such an over-reaching, over-spending, over-growing government? First, we must stop government-growing. Bigger is not always better. Especially when there are two sides pitted against each other. There’s a lack of unity in America; you’re either Left or Right. Next, dismember the two-party system –enact a one-party system- the American Party. Vote on issues and solutions –not rhetoric and moral control.

   Additionally, we must rid ourselves of the blood-sucking Affordable Care Act. We all should have health insurance, just not at the cost of future generations. Enact some sort of Entitlement Program Reform; starting with government pay, and term limits. Reign-in NSA, IRS, CIA, and FBI agencies –their reach is immeasurable –even deadly. Snowden shouldn’t have had to leave his country to alert his fellow Americans. He knew he would be imprisoned or killed if he rose-up against the Almighty American Government on its own soil –likely killed. Americans have an obligation to watch their government –not the opposite. And, the Revolutionary Right to dismember it –not desert it.

   I don’t pretend to know all the answers. However, what I do know is: America, her economy, reputation, and the fate of We the People are at risk. I no longer hold fantasies which include, a Government of the People, for the People. American Congress has been commandeered by narcissistic, self-serving liars, shysters, thugs, and thieves! This can only be changed with a united American Front –not a divided one. Our inaction is taking its toll on the Nation. We must act now! If not, we have no one to blame but ourselves! We’ve been warned.



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