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N:Rem Sleep System Full Topper | Review

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
N:Rem Sleep System Full Topper | ReviewAs most regulars will know I have had chronic back pain for a few months and and what comes with that ( amongst a long list of symptoms) is constant chronic muscular pain which is not helpful when trying to get a good night’s sleep ( something that eludes me most nights).I was recently given the chance to review a ‘sleep system’ that gives you the option of choosing one personal to your own needs. For me most of my pain is in my back and then my lower right leg and as  this leg can become very painful and my muscles are not very good in that leg either and i also i can get very bad cramp and pins and needles while i just lay down in bed and then it becomes very uncomfortable  to get to sleep as i am in a lot of pain.With my back and leg pain i have tried so many products for pain relief that includes heat pads and roll on pain relief and nothing seems to work and itjust seems impossible for me to relax my muscles and i regularly use heat pads for some pain relief and very strong painkillers on a regular basis.So, when I got the sleep system delivered I read through the information that was sent with it to help you put the sponge pieces in the right place for you. I was told that this could take a couple of adjustments but i was really lucky to choose the right placement for me from the first night, The system in made up of 5 sponge tablets of different support levels from ‘super soft’ through to ‘firm’ The information gives you an idea of where to place them in relation to where you need the most or least support.My placement from top (head level) to bottom (feet level) went as follows:super softSoftsuper softmediumsoft, They come in an easy to remember color code so if you do have to change them up a bit it could be done quite easily, but for me this worked very well.
I am normally quite sceptical about these sorts of things, especially when they try and promise a great night’s sleep however, this one did surprise me a little. From the first evening I felt very comfortable on this and felt the top half really took a lot of normal pressure off my back and my legs.and even my hips as I usually lay on my sides most of the night. So in all honesty I really slept quite well ( for me anyway) on that first night. The next day I had a day where I needed to go back to bed in the afternoon ( something I have to do on a regular basis) for a few hours. I realised when I woke up that I was actually in the same position I had originally settled in, and I can tell you this NEVER happens!I did get used to the system very quickly and I can say that for a few days that week I seemed to manage a little better, yes the pain was always there as usual but as I was getting more quality sleep than I am normally used to, even if it was just an hour or two it did make me feel like I was able to do slightly more than I normallycan.Begrudgingly.I was able to keep my system but i have stopped using it for the time being until my new bed arrives and i need the current space in my room while it is being done out for decorating, This sleep system has worked well with me and it will do for many years to come,But for those of you who may suffer with disturbed sleep, or chronic pain that then affects your sleep this could proof suitable for your needs too. Having checked out their website they also offer a monthly payment for the system so you can spread the cost and equals to £1 a night- not bad for a decent night’s kipDisclamer * 'I have been given this product as part of a product review though Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and i was in no way infused by the company.

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