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N:Rem, Foam Topper Campaign My Full Review

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm

Disclamer * 'I have been given this product as part of a product review thoughChronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and i was in no way infused by the company.N:Rem, Foam Topper Campaign My Full ReviewI have been having a lot of issues with my sleep for the last few months and i have tried everything you can think of to make me sleep more calmer and more relaxed, As i am on full time medication for my Migraines the tablets usually makes me fall asleep with no problem but this isn't always the case and i can be awake for several hours before i can actually switch off and get some sleep.
I have had so many mattresses in my time and in a way none of them has made be have a really good sleep only the one that i had a few years ago when that was one of the most expensive and it was lovely to sleep on and made me fall fast asleep with no problems and it was so comfy that somedays i just didn't want to get out of bed it was so good, The bad news was that the whole Mattress was falling apart and i needed a new one as there was holes and springs coming though and it was horrible when springs came out as it would make my back so painful to sleep on,As i have been suffering in a lot of pain with my lower back and legs for a while i knew that something was very wrong with the mattress that i was sleeping on as i would toss and turn all night and even get winded up so much that i used to sleep on my bedroom floor because the mattress was so horrible to sleep on every night, I was in need of a new bed and mattress and i was looking at some really good mattress for people like me who has back and leg pain and i must of been in a bed shop for hours until i was able to find one that was perfect for me, I am now sleeping on a memory foam mattress and i must say that it was one of the best things that i have been given as the first night i slept on it it was the most amazing feeling in the wold and it was lovely,
In a few short months me having this new kind of mattress the memory foam mattress actually grooved into my body and it made me feel more relaxed and more comfy while i was sleeping and i did notice that the mattress was made very well and it is gonna last me a very long time and i am pleased to have these amazing mattress.I was kindly offered this amazing new N:Rem foam topper from N:Rem and i must say that i am so thrilled to have been chosen to review this amazing  product for me to review, I haven't seen or Hurd anything about the brand or the product before until someone at Chronic illness bloggers was kindly enough to send me some details and some more information all about the campaign, At first my mom thought that i had bought a brand new mattress and i had explained that this was a product sent to me for review and she was very pleased for me to have something like this sent to me. The removing of the topper from the packaging was very easy and simple with the clear instructions and quite easy to fit on your bed with no hassle, At first i thought that the topper would be to big for my small little bedroom and also i was thinking if it was gonna fit on my bed and at first i found the topper to be kinda hard and spongy and something didn't feel right with the topper.
I had saw a lot of information on the website regarding this amazing product and also about people who suffers in pain, I wanted to see if this mattress would be any good for my pain as my back pain can be very painful and upsetting for me sometimes and i like to relax and read a book when i usually have been blogging all day. The topper was straight forward to move out the cubes and in the end i was able to find a good sleeping routine and position after adjusting a few of the cubes that was inside of the topper for me to make things more comfy for me. The first night with the topper was one of the best sleeps that i have ever had in a very long time and i was so relaxed and calm and i enjoyed my very first night on this amazing product,My mom also tried out this topper on her bed as my mom has suffered with a bad back for years and she has always suffered in chronic pain with her back and she said that it really did help her and her sleeping and of course her back too and she said that it was one of the best sleep that she has ever had since sleeping on the sofa.
The best thing also about this topper is how everything is so tidy and neat and it just fits in storage very well as i usually keep mine in the box for safe keeping and i also tend to change the cubes now and again to see what positions i would like to try out, My main memory foam matters and this topper just made things worse for me so i just rearranged the way i had the mattresss and then adding the topper it was amazing night sleep ever, Everything is so soft and smooth and very easy to clean and to put away once i have used it and i don't know if i would buy one for my bedroom at the moment as i currently don't have the space but i do know for one thing that my auntie is in need of a new Mattress so i might buy her one for her bed as she also suffers from a lack of sleep and also in pain with her back and hips.It is a very expensive product and it is something  i would invest in and the single mattress retails for £199.99 and the double one is £299.99 and king size £399.99 N:Rem also offer finance for £1 per night more information regarding finance will be on there official website.
What are your thoughts is this something that you would invest in to improve your sleep?
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