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NRD: You Better Know What It Stands For

By Brisdon @shutuprun

How did you celebrate NRD? (National Running Day). I celebrated by:

  • Sleeping in my contacts by mistake and giving myself an eye infection (why I am wearing my glasses and looking so hot in this very high quality photo).


  • Butt dialing my mom on the phone. She was very confused.
  • Eating all carbs and not one vegetable or piece of fruit.
  • Driving in the car with my son when the song “Jenny” came on and Sam really dials 867-5309 (you know the song “eight, six, seven, five three oh niiiinnne) and gets a plumbing service and leaves a message which involves playing the song really loud <true story
  • Doing a brick workout starting at 1pm (85 degrees) because I had to work first thing in the morning. 40 mile bike, 4 mile run. DONE! <Now that is truly how I celebrated NRD.

You may be wondering what is National Running Day anyway?

These days there is a national day for everything from National Pass Gas Day (a personal favorite of mine) and National Public Sleeping Day, which is your opportunity to fall asleep while driving or on a park bench or at work and no one can say anything. Same with farting. If you do it on National Pass Gas Day, no one has the right to call you out on it or complain. Heck, do it in church! In the middle of target! On a job interview! The sky is the limit!

You may be surprised to learn that NRD is a celebration where people everywhere declare their passion for running. But, more importantly, it is a day for beginners to kick off a lifetime commitment to running. Did you hear that? Today YOU, yes YOU, could kick off your lifetime commitment to running.

And…if you haven’t gotten your run in today, you should be ashamed. For God’s sake go do it.  It’s NRD after all and it only comes once a year. Shut up and GO.NOW.

What was your run today? Mine was just a sweaty jaunt around the neighborhood.

In one word, tell me why you run. Sanity


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