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Note to Daddy

By Cosybites @cosybites

It was close to midnight last night and I noticed that my son was still wide awake. He went to his room at 8:30pm (his usual bed time on school days) and I assumed he had gone to bed. He obviously didn’t. I was upset with him and told him that if he couldn’t wake up on time for school this morning, he would get it from me.

We woke up this morning, went to his room, and found him sleeping ….. in his school uniform!! He was afraid I would scold him if he is late for school so he tried to save some time by sleeping in his uniform. So smart right?!

I was about to say something but spotted the writing on his white board. His note to his daddy. He wrote this after my hubby made me angry the day before.

Note to Daddy

How can I stay angry with such a cute 9-year old boy who protects his mum? This is one note I will treasure, and will show my hubby if he makes me angry again.


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