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NOTD: Pompously Purple

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
NOTD: Pompously Purple
To coincide with the return of the more miserable weather, which since initially writing seems to have again been replaced by beautiful sunshine,  I appear to have headed back towards a more wintry shade for this weeks Nail of the Day (I really should rename this Nail of the Week, shouldn't I??). However, I wanted to share this specific colour, because it's a shade that I've been pining over for absolutely ages, after seeing it reviewed on so many different blogs. However, I've only recently got round to grabbing it, when Tesco had a 2 for 3 offer on the entire Rimmel range.
So, here it is, for your viewing delights...
NOTD: Pompously Purple
Although the photography kind of dulls the color a little, Rimmel's Pompous is a shimmery purple shade that reminds me a great deal of the wrapper of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, which I've always felt was an incredibly beautiful shade of purple.
The thing that I really love about this shade, is how un-Rimmel it is. I, personally, have never owned a Rimmel nail polish that has shimmer. The ones I've bought are always plain colour, which I love, but sometimes it's nice to add a little shimmer to my life too!!
Indeed, the shade is so un-Rimmel in so many ways, that when I showed my nails to my Mum, she's expected me to tell her that the polish was by OPI, not only because we both appear to have become OPI Addicts recently, but because it just looks like the type of shade that OPI would sell. It's definitely not a shade we would associate with Rimmel.
But, I think that's pretty awesome, that you can find a shade that someone would think was a more expensive brand, when really you've paid roughly a third of the price for. And I also didn't have to trawl across the country to find somewhere decent that sold it.
What do you think of this Pompously Purple shade from Rimmel?Do you know of any other Rimmel polishes that have a shimmer? Am I just blind, or am I picking the wrong shades?

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