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NOTD: Newsprint Nails!

By Laineylulu @LaineyLuLuLife
NOTD: Newsprint Nails! I was browsing the internet last night and stumbled across a photograph of a Newspaper Manicure. As it was already 11pm and time for bed, what could a girl do but immediately give it a go! Here's what you need: 1.  Opaque Nail Varnish, a pale color of your choice (I used e.l.f Fair Pink) 2.  Newspaper (I grabbed the nearest free rag, but quite hanker for something more high-brow, I may even try to pick up an old Jane Austin Novel in a charity shop....not that I think it makes much difference just the romantic in me!) NOTD: Newsprint Nails! 3.  Alcohol (as I didn't have surgical alcohol or a white spirit such as Vodka, which in any even I would reserve for personal consumption, I had a brain storm and grabbed my Lidl Suddenley Madame Glamour, the Coco Madmoiselle dupe) Method: 1.  Paint Nails and ensure they are thoroughly dry. 2.  Spray nail with alcohol of your choice (or dip) 3.  Carefully apply newsprint, pressing down in a rolling motion and remove. 4. Apply Top Coat. Pretty good eh?  Yes this was only a first attempt and it was late, you can see a couple of smudges on my middle and index fingers but I'm definitely going to try this again.  Maybe even on both hands!!  I still yearn for Jane Austin nails though.... Laters Peeps! Love Lainey xxx

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