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….. Not Another Iceberg

By Saltykisses @svprili

We are on the lovely little island of Fogo. We arrived not long ago and went out for a quick meal. Lasagna, it’s been forever since I’ve had lasagna. It rained while we ate and the girls jumped in every puddle they could find back to the fishing wharf where we’re docked. Not much has happened since my last post.

We spent a few days in St. Anthony doing laundry and grocery.. the usual. We met a great bunch of pohm’s and an odd Scott on SV Novara. I always feel a little homesick around the English (and of course Australians) I guess it’s the same humor and they always get what I’m talking about. The boys were a big hit with the girls and we were even invited on their boat for lot and LOTS of orange juice and chocolate. Every morning I had to throw my arm over to Carl side of the bed to make sure it was still warm and that he hadn’t in fact jumped ship and headed north with the boys. Thanks fellas and good luck with the Northwest Passage.

We also met Steve Sheppard, Hauna and their two lovely boys. Steve took us on a moose hunt around St. Anthony where we spotted a mumma and baby moose. Missed out of the photo but it’ll be stuck in my memory banks forever. Hauna also made us the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. Thanks guys for your great hospitably and rocking iceberg picture!

From St. Anthony we sailed to Conche where we rafted up along side of some fishing trawlers and I swear half the town came down to greet us. Nothing like waking up smelling like yesterdays catch! Ewww. La Scie what our next port where we barley made it off the dock. Town was far away and we were all so tired after a long run. We planned on leaving out early in the morning but I got up at 7am and found the rest of the crew still asleep. Tonight we find ourselves on Fogo Island. It is known for being one of the four corners of the earth. Totally gorgeous here, we’ll spend tomorrow doing laundry and grocery shopping.

Here are some shots from the last few days….






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