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Norman Kid’s Magazine – Is Your Picture in It?

By Kalamitykelli @venuscorpiogirl

Kids Mag 8

***While I feel bad about posting all this without proper credit – it was done in an effort to help bloggers find their own pictures and if they want to pursue with the publication, they can – there is no malicious intent meant or implied*****

This is an unexpected post. Top Girl was in the physician’s office yesterday and picked up a copy of our local newspaper’s newest magazine. She recognized my friend’s photo right away with no credit, no link, nothing. I emailed and asked if she had given permission…….nope. As Top Girl and I went through the magazine, she recognized many many photos as being used without credit or link. Her secret is that she is a Pinterest addict! Anyway, I didn’t want to do a search of every single picture but I felt an obligation to my fellow bloggers –  so I have scanned the bulk of what we believe to be content used without permission and the last page shows how to contact the editors of the newspaper and magazine. Please share this post with all your friends and anywhere you think a blogger may see their own work. If you recognize a picture as a blogger’s whose posts you regularly read, please contact them with this link and give them a chance to decide if they want to pursue the issue or not. There’s no way to take this content “down” because it is in big glossy magazines all over our county.

If you thought copy and pasting pictures was not illegal because it’s on the Internet – please click on the following 2 links and read about  1 blogger and 1 company  who had to pay thousands to settle out of court for using photographs that were not theirs!

Roni Loren’s Story.

The Content Factory took a picture of Nebraska from someone and they are really ticked off that they had to pay several thousand dollars because of it.

Please look at the photos and share share share! They are in PDF files so no one can change them. There are 7 pages.

Page 1:

Kids Mag 1


Page 2:

Kids Mag 2


Page 3:

Kids Mag 3


Page 4:

Kids Mag 4


Page 5:

Kids Mag 5


Page 6:

Kids Mag 6


If you are the owner of any of this content,  you may contact any one of the people below.

Kids Mag 7


Thank you very much for indulging me and please share with all!

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