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Non-Diet Approach to Weight Loss

By Roserighter @roserighter
Tired of fad diets and restricting calories? Is your day consumed with thoughts of food and what you will eat for your next meal? Are you losing patience with diets that restrict the food categories you can eat? Learn how alternate weight loss methods work when diets don't.
Non-diet approaches to weight loss are more effective than diet plans. Diets don’t work because they lead to feelings of deprivation, binge eating, guilt and yo-yo dieting. Diets take the pleasure away from eating. Furthermore, calorie restrictive diets enhance cravings and actually slow your metabolism, which in turn slows your weight loss progress.
Any diet you choose to follow will work for a while. You can expect initial weight loss whether you follow a low-fat, low-carb, Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. The problem is that these plans are not lifestyle changes that you can stick with for the rest of your life. 
Non-Diet Approaches to Weight Loss
The trick is find non-diet approaches to weight loss that will help you not only lose the weight, but also maintain your weight loss.
  • Positive Thinking– It’s easy, it’s fee, and all you have to do is decide to give up on negative thinking. Challenge your negative thoughts and look for the brighter side of things. Stop thinking of healthy eating and exercise as punishments or things you have to do. Adopt a positive attitude and you’ll be amazed how mush easier things get. Focus on how the healthy lifestyle makes you feel, with increased eneergy and confidence.
  • Eat Natural Foods– One trap people fall into is eating foods marketed as “diet foods.” These foods are processed and they aren't the best thing to eat when trying to lose weight. In fact, relying on these snacks too much can cause you to gain weight. Instead, seek out foods in their most natural form, including fruits, vegetables, whole wheat products and lean meats.
Non-Diet Approach to Weight Loss
  • Solve Problems Effectively– Dwelling on negative feelings and issues makes many people turn to food for comfort. By learning how to handle problems and face issues head-on, you’ll be able to stop relying on food as your friend. 
  • Forgive and Forget– Don’t hang onto negative thoughts or energy. Instead, make it a point to forgive people for their mistakes (including you) and learn to move on instead of letting it fester.
  • Challenge Fears– Though being fearful is a handy trait in scary situations, having a list of abnormal fears can hold you back. Step out of your comfort zone to get more out of life and stop sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by.
  • Use Visualization– Visualization techniques can help you refocus and see your weight loss goals clearly. If you can picture yourself at a smaller size, you can’t get there. Believe in yourself.
  • Seek Behavior Therapy– Seeing a therapist for behavior modification is another option. A professional will be able to examine your actions and suggest ways to change in order to see better results.
Taking a non-diet approach to weight loss doesn't mean giving up on your weight loss goals. It means changing your mindset, embracing challenges and solving problems before they lead to emotional eating. 

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