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Nokia Returns !!

By Sheril @bsheril

As we all know the tie up between nokia and Microsoft in the making of next generation windows mobile .Their top competitors are far away from nokia , fighting for the top position A big gossip ensures Apple comes with iPhone 5 at the end of September .Huge number of people are waiting for this iPhone 5 and in the mean time samsung with its Galaxy s II huge success in market ,which resembles like a min notebook in hand what technology can be added to galaxy s II ?? I think its the best smart phone exisitng in the market  now .So how come nokia sustain themself in this market now they slipped from 1 st rank to the 3 rd ,they need to be more vibrant so that they can compete in this technological sector .At present they have come up with a smart phone called sea ray.Its a windows 7 phone.This smart phone as lots of new applications which is specially designed for windows mobile and the great things is we can use Microsoft word ,excel in this mobile i think this is the unique feature which will drive lots of customers because in Indian context nowadays everyone uses MS word ,excel ,power point etc i dono about the other countries …lots of new things are there in this mobile ..looks sleek in black design and there are lots of upcoming projects with nokia ..lets wait and see how come nokia  withstand their existing competitors ..check the video below for the detailed presentation of sea ray windows 7 mobile

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