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No More Famine in North Korea

Posted on the 11 June 2015 by Calvinthedog

Well you make fun of their haircuts but their meals are really varied. Let’s see. Rice with bark. Noodles with bark. Bark and water. Bark and dirt. Bark and grass. Bark and bark. A myriad of possibilities.

They should get together with the Haitians and swap recipes.

There is a link to photos by an American who went all over North Korea including to places you are not supposed to go to and he didn’t see any starving people eating grass or bark. The famine was going on in the past, but it is basically over.

However, a lot of folks look pretty thin. There are too photos showing undernourished people. A middle aged man is quite thin and you can see his ribs. There is a photo of a boy bathing in a river. He has an extended belly.

There are many photos from the countryside, and there is food everywhere in the rural areas. Of course he seemed to have gone there during a harvest season.

Amongst all of the countries at its income level, North Korea has the longest life expectancy.

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