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No LAWghable Matter

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Fadi Bejjani @DrFadiBejjani

No LAWghable MatterIn America we are simply deadlocked, at least the Legislative and Executive branches. Haven't you noticed that everything is being turfed to the Supreme Court to resolve? It started with Al Gore and the chads and recently it was Obamacare. Hundreds in Washington cannot get along so they dump it on 9 people in the Court to decide for them. It is bringing back the days of the Triumvirate governing France in the early 1800s after Napoleon. The power was split between 3 people and not 3 branches. In our case it would be 9 then we can go by attrition. The E and L branches of government are becoming like a bunch of kids who quarrel all the time and have to go to daddy J to resolve their disputes! This reminds me of an Arabic Say: “The Judge of Children Hang Himself” …because the task was impossible. Conventional wisdom then dictates to let them play…except here we have a country at stake!This laughable legal state of affairs is EVERYWHERE! First all of our elected officials in Washington are lawyers all the way to the White House, so that is how they think and behave, meaning there is no black and white or right or wrong, but simply what they can spin and get away with. Take for example the case of Eric Holder, the top law enforcement officer of the land, He talks fast and he was furious when Congress found him in contempt. What a stellar example for us and our children! Talking about guns, several local sheriffs, i.e. from Kansas, are now refusing to implement any new gun laws that will restrict the 2nd amendment in their communities. That is another sleuth of lawsuits in the making. Lawyers are already dreaming about what to do with that windfall of cash.Then we have the States, e.g. regarding Obamacare, suing the Federal Government and the latter suing some States like Arizona for actually wanting to implement Federal Law!  This legal feud between States and Federal has now reached epidemic proportions that are really tying up precious funds and resources: California legalizes Marijuana but the Feds still has it as illegal and want to enforce that. Gay marriage is another matter: People have to uproot their lives and move to find a State that will marry them, which begs the question: "Can a (gay) couple be officially married in New York State and not in Kansas for example?” In that case, Equal Opportunity Law and the Constitution dictate that heterosexual marriages should enjoy the same treatment, shouldn't they? Perhaps we should run it by the Supreme Court, they do have an opening next Sunday from midnight to 2:00 am. If they agree, I know a lot of men, including me, who will gladly move to the Sunflower State, at least a few days a week!The Supreme Court had to rule last week on embryonic stem cell research. The stem cell saga does continue however between FDA and doctors and FDA and Texas, another State-Federal logjam: In Bloomberg Business Week, Susan Berfield said it best on January 15: "In Texas, the science of stem cells (FDA) has collided with a governor’s ambitions, a businessman’s optimism, a doctor’s faith, and patients’ hopes."Lately the Feds have been so money-starved to feed their spending frenzy, that they have been suing businesses right and left for billions of dollars. For example Bank of America had to pay more than 11 billions for badly handling mortgages. There is the hushed fact that the democratic Congress, i.e. Bernie Frank and others, is who forced these banks to give those bad loans, but that is old news. Morale of this story: "the Federal government will sue you to cover their track". Then we have the 9/11 suits, the asbestos suits, 1-800-BAD-DRUG; 1-800-BAD-DOCS, the Sandy Hook suits, minors suing their parents, atheists suing Christians, of course wifes suing husbands, you name it. It is not going to be over till every American becomes a plaintiff or a defendant or both! That can be accelerated by a scheme I remember that was routine in Newark. Every time there was a fender-bender bus accident, the bus became full within minutes. Riders called their friends, relatives and acquaintances, and they all jumped in the bus AFTER THE FACT!The consensus is: When that old lady sued McDonald for serving the coffee too hot...and collected, this opened the flood gates for these out-of-control trivial law suits. It is like a spell that she casted on America. Maybe we should find her and see how to undo this. Perhaps free Burger King coffee for life!Recently a case on the news topped the old lady's, really illustrated the ridiculous and Kafkaesque legal environment we are in in America: a teacher sued her school because she had "kid-phobia". I KID YOU NOT!I hate to be redundant but the root of all this is the staunch denial of personal responsibility in this country, encouraged by laws and lawyers, bleeding into our youth. That makes it unacceptable. We are witnessing the consequences every day on the news in our government, our businesses, and especially our schools.When I look at this national legal mayhem, the words of William Shakespeare”s Henry VI, come to mind even though out of context:''The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers!''

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