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No Excuse for India’s Sanitation Problems

Posted on the 17 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

John writes:

Okay, to come back with, “No! We have designated shitting streets!” is pretty damn funny. But seriously, what are people supposed to do when everywhere is super-populated and poor?

There are many countries that are just as poor as India and they do not have people shitting in the streets. Just to give one example, Moldova has the exact same per capita income as India, but nobody in Moldova shits in the streets or even in the open. There are some sanitation problems in Moldova, but they center around outhouses. Many rural Moldovans use outhouses. Outhouses are obviously much better than shitting in the streets or fields, but they are not the optimal sanitation solution for dealing with human shit and piss and they have some sanitation problems of their own. I think they can contaminate water supplies if I am not mistaken.

There’s no excuse for India to be like this. India is like this because Indians don’t care, and apparently they like to shit in fields and streets. Apparently they have always done it this way. They build public restrooms for Indians and first they refuse to use them and then they completely trash them. A rural Brahman will refuse to build a toilet in his house because human waste is contaminating. So he shits in the fields along with everyone else. And the Brahmans probably prevented the lower castes from building toilets int their homes. Christians are most likely to have a toilet in India, followed by Muslims and Hindus are last. It’s all about religion.

India could easily be like Moldova. It’s not a problem. India lacks the will to even deal with this problem because most Indians simply do not care.

Africa is generally even poorer than India, often much poorer, and much fewer Africans shit outdoors than Indians. Furthermore, many Africans are ashamed of shitting outdoors and they want something to be done about it. Indians could care less or maybe they even like it and think it is a great way to commune with nature.

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