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No Attacking “Welfare Recipients” On This Site

Posted on the 07 June 2013 by Calvinthedog

Marek writes:

So let’s see: The slumdogs and other leftist racists are rising up from useful welfare recipient bread-and-circus voters to now demanding that the leftist white males give up their jobs and now you don’t like it.

You can’t attack “welfare recipients” on here. I live off ~$11,000 K/yr myself, and I have a number of White friends who use the “welfare system.” Some of these Whites have very high IQ’s (140-150), and many of them are college graduates. I know three with BA’s, and one who was a law student. A lot of them are older and used to live nice middle class lives in the suburbs, but they have fallen on hard times.

These Whites use the following programs:

Section 8 housing
Medicaid/CMSP (state version of Medicaid)
SSI disability
Social Security
Low cost phone service
Food stamps
The free cell phone thing
Food banks
Student grants
Worker’s compensation

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