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Nitty-Gritty of Gun Control

Posted on the 14 January 2013 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
DC Gun Law Outlawed by Appellate Court

DC Gun Law Outlawed by Appellate Court (Photo credit: Mike Licht,


   Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of gun control, in addition too, the gun’s roll in past and present shootings. A ridiculous rumor is circulating around America; it’s said, the gun is to blame for the deaths of men, women and children. If indeed you are one of these loose-lip finger-pointers, here are some other theories to consider:


   A firearm is only a lethal weapon when a human hand picks it up, loads it, aims it, and fires! (Lay a gun on the table; don’t touch it, then let me know when it alone kills someone) Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! This will not change by implementing stricter gun laws. If a person wants to kill another human, they will do it regardless of the means to the end. Shall we ban rope, knives, cars, pillows and swords? A killer can use a rope to strangle a victim, or a knife to stab, a car to run over, a pillow to suffocate, or a sword to behead and dismember. What’s more, the internet now has sites which provide step-by-step bomb making! Shall we ban the internet?


   Why does an individual pick up a weapon with intentions of killing another? Well, many theories exist; each of them right, signally and collectively. First and foremost, it takes a mentally detached person to contemplate murdering another human –let alone actually doing it. So, how do these killers reach the point of murder? A hopelessness and helplessness which has no point of return?


   Perhaps the killer was abused or molested as a child, and the havoc it played on their psyche was more than they could take. Or, maybe mass media warped their mind with violent programming; the glorifying of death and tragedy. Just maybe, it was the continuous playing of violent video games which make death seem ‘undoable’ ~something which can be undone with the push of a reset button. Could it be they were bullied until broken, with little to no resolve? Or, just maybe, a different political view threatened the very values of the deranged mind which believed killing a Congress Person is their Civic Duty; the only way to ‘save’ their Country!


   Regardless, whether it be one, or a collective of reasons, the dead are dead –period! Some believe banning assault rifles is the answer; or banning guns all together. In Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook mass shooting took place, assault rifles are illegal. Yet, some crazed nut-job commandeered one and shot over20. Therefore, said argument has no validity.


   Strict gun laws are active on the federal and state levels: 3-day waiting period; background checks; photo ID requirements; felons need not apply, etc. Has this stopped or slowed the gun violence in America? Hell no! Gun laws only control the lawful. Criminals will, and have always found guns for trade or purchase. Hell, America’s own Department of Justice’s Eric Holder is giving them out to drug cartel and Mexican Mafia thugs! Now, they want to take ours?


   Many others believe mental health services are to blame for the rise in murder rates. Most of America’s insane asylums have long been shut down. The mentally ill being cared for in jail or prison, only after being arrested. The care they receive is minimal at best. Counseling Centers are over-run with patients, but short on employees. Medicaid and Medicare, not paying for most services. VA Centers forced to cut back because of $600 billion in cuts; leaving PTSD Veterans out in the cold. Psychotherapy medicines prescribed on a massive scale –side effects unknown to each individual patient. Seem like a catch 22? It is!


   “Ban all violent video games!” scream others. World of Warfare, Second Life (which allows a player to create a character of their choice…allowing for murder, prostitution, rape, and even child molestation), War Games, etc. These games breathe imagination into a young mind. Giving the impression death is not permanent, that shooting someone has no consequence –except for a lost game. Additionally, violent games give the gamer the confidence they’re indestructible –untouchable to the ‘force’ with which they battle. This especially holds true for the mentally ill gamer. Shall we silence the 1st Amendment Right? Americans would not stand for such Tyranny!


   Question is: Will Americans stand by and allow their Government to water down the 2nd Amendment? I don’t believe so. Americans were given this Right for a reason; to protect family, self, property, and country. If it is taken from the American people, who will defend them? Who will be standing there to fend off a predator which has a weapon and murder in their eyes? Self-defense will hold a whole new meaning! No! We the People will not stand by while our families, friends, properties, and country are left defenseless! What’s more, no Executive Order will sway said stand.


















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