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By Howtobejobless @howtobejobless

@howtobejobless your blog is amazing, as an unemployed film graduate I think this is going to be a literary reassurance that I am not alone!

— Chris John Stone (@chrisstonefilm) August 21, 2013

@howtobejobless the blog is absolutely fantastic, it's so reassuring to know others are in the same position!

— Kirstie Ralph (@kjralph) August 21, 2013

@howtobejobless your blog is amusing

— SadGrad (@SadGradAnon) August 21, 2013

My Week in Joblessness via @howtobejobless Whoever this is has made me feel 100X better!

— Sarah Gaunt (@sarahgaunt) August 21, 2013

@howtobejobless Loving the discovery of your blog! May I climb aboard?

— Sean Cleaver (@cleaverslips) August 21, 2013

@howtobejobless Thanks for the follow. I love your blog. For me, I can relate to it a lot at the moment!

— Kara Rennie (@karajrennie) August 20, 2013

@howtobejobless Hiya! I really like your blog, it has definitely given me some giggles. I would like to join the #pyjarmy :)

— Roi Perez (@roiperez) August 19, 2013

@howtobejobless this is what I needed as another week of #joblessness rolls around. Going to London tomorrow daytime #fakeittilyoumakeit

— Rory Langdon-Down (@AreldeeMedia) August 18, 2013

@howtobejobless love the blog – nice to know someone else cries into sponges.

— Kirsten Powley (@kpowley) August 17, 2013

@howtobejobless I love your blog so much. Seriously, they make me feel human again!

— Emma Saynor (@emmasaynor) August 16, 2013

@howtobejobless your new article has got me laughing again and this is a real achievement as I've spent my birthday so far…

— Louise (@NotSo_Simples) August 16, 2013

@howtobejobless crying over my uncooperative dead oven and getting very angry at people. So serious thanks to you today!

— Louise (@NotSo_Simples) August 16, 2013

@howtobejobless You're posts are ace. Make a very unhilarious issue pretty damn hilarious.

— (@sittingwitty) August 15, 2013

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