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What Happens When You Tell a Few Thousand Strangers That You Got a Job?

By Howtobejobless @howtobejobless


So chuffed that @howtobejobless got a dream journo job! Her blog brought laughter and empathy to media job hunters everywhere – well done!

— Marie Raine (@MarieRaine) October 22, 2013

@GoThinkBig @howtobejobless Massive congrats! Will it be the last blog? She’s been an inspiration to all aspiring journos to not give up!

— Coral Williamson (@coralamberrr) October 25, 2013

@GoThinkBig I love @howtobejobless and so happy for her!She’s fabulous and has helped a lot of us, the Guardian are very lucky!

— Louise (@NotSo_Simples) October 25, 2013

Congratulating @howtobejobless on the amazing news!!! @guardian better know how lucky they are to have you!! Do us proud and report back!!

— Tania Kumar (@t_kumar12) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Congrats! Love your work. You’ve given many inspiration to get out there and go for it. They’re lucky to have you.

— Liz (@peacecapisce) October 23, 2013

Cinderella is going to the ball! @howtobejobless bags the @guardian job! Wonderful end to an incredible journey. Shotgun movie rights!

— Dion Watts (@DionGWatts) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless AMAZING news. And well deserved! Yours is an inspiring story for anyone facing a grisly rejection letter today.

— Natasha (@Natashalunn) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless huge congratulations, really chuffed for you! Top office tip for Nov: avoid Converse shoes unless you like static shocks.

— Matt Andrews (@mattpointblank) October 25, 2013

@GoThinkBig @howtobejobless @guardian well done, couldnt have happened to a nicer person!

— Claire Murray (@officialclairem) October 25, 2013

@howtobejobless YES! It’s like when a sitcom ends in a way you want it to. You need to appoint a Vice President to the #pyjarmy ASAP.

— Beth Davison (@BethBecomesHer_) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless I rarely root for others to succeed (it’s a character flaw) but really hoped you’d get that job. Congrats! Love your blog

— Lizzie Palmer (@lizziemaypalmer) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Big congratulations. Do visit us in the trenches and bring fresh doughnuts ;)

— Leanne (@thenamesleanne) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless YES! Massive congrats!

— George Berridge (@George_Berridge) October 23, 2013

So so happy for you @howtobejobless. Hire me in a few years, will ya? I know how to operate the Guardian doors- only took me 2 days to learn

— Líse McNally (@LiseMcNally) October 23, 2013

@howtobejobless Hurray hurray! Looking forward to reading your @guardian articles well done, congratulations!!

— BabsyEmm (@BabsyEmm) October 23, 2013

@howtobejobless Congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed following your search. I’m sure you’ll be a great addition to the @guardian team :)

— Holly Robertson (@robertsonholly) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless oh congrats on the job been following your blog for agesss!!!

— Amirah Valu (@itsamirahv) October 22, 2013

Congrats to @howtobejobless on getting the online job @guardian. Well deserved!

— unemployedgraduate (@GradUnemployed) October 23, 2013

Huge congratulations @howtobejobless – thoroughly deserved! I guess you’ll need someone to take over your blog now…?!

— Katherine Purvis (@KatherinePurvis) October 23, 2013

@howtobejobless Congratulations on getting into The Guardian :) Well and truly deserved!

— Roi Perez (@roiperez) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!

— Georgia Leaker (@georgetweets2u) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless YAY! Congrats on the job, thoroughly deserved it! X

— Kat MacDonald (@iamkatmac) October 23, 2013

@howtobejobless CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

— Chynna (@chylatte) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless ahhh congratulations!!! So happy for you! :)

— Rachel Pilcher (@rachelpilcher) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Ah very well done! I too have a good job now. It feels nice to be optimistic again doesn’t it!

— Adam Rollo (@Adam_Rollo) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Congrats :) New Doc Martens to celebrate?!

— Adam Shookhye (@AdamShookhye) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless please don’t stop writing your blog, it’s keeps me so entertained! :]

— Deborah Stevenson (@DebStevo90) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Damn right they did! Extremely well-deserved, congratulations!

— Helen Lawson (@helenlawson7) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless congratulations! Well deserved.

— Adam McKinley (@addmck) October 22, 2013

so @howtobejobless got a job! congrats!

— Sofie-Eliza Price (@SofieElizaPrice) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Congrats! Just shows that waiting a while instead of grabbing any old job pays off :)

— Sophie Longley (@SophieLongley) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless I knew you’d get it! Well done!

— Amy Taylor (@TrashTaylor) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless congrats!.. this shall be a kick up my butt to get me out of my underemployed misery into something more worthwhile!

— Emma (@emmawondersif) October 25, 2013

@howtobejobless congrats, who will help the jobless now though?

— Hari Sethi (@Hari_Sethi) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Amazing! Hard work really pays off! Congrats!

— Marissa Ogbeide (@MOgbeide) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless So glad to hear this- you deserve it. Congratulations!

— Danni McGarry (@dannimcgarry) October 25, 2013

@howtobejobless congratulations! This is awesome news :)

— Emma Hannigan (@emmahannigan) October 25, 2013

@howtobejobless amazing news, congratulations!!

— Deborah Stevenson (@DebStevo90) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Ahhhhhhhhhhh congratulations :D :D SOOOO happy for you!

— Louise (@NotSo_Simples) October 22, 2013

@howtobejobless Ahhhh, that’s amazing news! Congratulations :) x

— Chloe. (@typewriterlight) October 22, 2013

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