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Ngoc Vung Island - Aboriginal Island of Halong Bay

By Khanhpv

Not as famous as Co To island, Halong Bay or Quan Lan island. .. but the Ngoc Vung island always tourist attractions by the wild beauty, beautiful beaches. Moving from The Harbour to the island of Dragon or Bright Turquoise Sesame quite convenient, so in recent years Ngoc Vung island became my favorite destination of many tourists. To have a smooth and enjoyable trip, you should not ignore the experiences and the Island Travel Guide Sesame: move, stay, sightseeing and eating here.


 About Ngoc Vung

The Island is located in the District of van Don Sesame, Quang Ninh, is about 50 km, van Don island has a land area of approximately 45 square. According to legend, this area used to have many species of clams turquoise and rare glow in the night a flaming heaven.

Reffer some tour guide to choose a suitable trip to discover Ngoc Vung island:

  1. orchid cruise
  2. Indochina sails junk
  3. Glory legend cruise 

Department of a long beach 14 km of which 3 km fine white sand to bring the potential of tourism development for the island. Ngoc Vung satisfies the natural conditions such as the River, the sea, the Harbor, the plain ... So, very favorable for the development of agriculture, especially the growing of rice, fished and farmed seafood drop cages at sea. Residents on the island the jewel has about 1000 Sesame.

Time to visit Ngoc Vung?

Time traveling the Ngoc Vung is summer, this time the waves are very smooth, cool weather suitable for swimming and strolling the sunny white sand and blue sea. According to the Ngoc Vung Travel Guide Sesame self-sufficient and safe, you need to avoid going into September and October rainy time, cold days.

The media moved to the Ngoc Vung island


Van Don is about 50 km, so moving to Ngoc Vung island quite convenient. You can move in two directions to go to the Ngoc Vung island:

+ Hanoi — > Cam Pha — > > Jade Island port of The Dragon — Sesame:

If the move towards Hanoi — Cam Pha > > The Dragon Port — — > Ngoc Vung island you'll have to go many more car online, but you will save time by train.

Catch coach go Cam Pha in U.s. bus, Borders Baghdad, Country ... you will catch more on bus to the post office van Don, then rent a car to go to hug The Harbor to the port When The Dragon the Dragon you traveling the Ngoc Vung island speedboat , so you will come to the island more quickly, save time for the Emerald Isle tour fun Sesame.

+ Hanoi — > ship Harbour Cam Pha — > Ngoc Vung island:

Derived from Hanoi the catch car go Tree Cam in my Dinh bus station with about 120 k/weekly. When down car you can drive the ship Harbor hug about half travel time from Hanoi to Cam Pha about 5 hours.

Ship to the port of Cam Pha when you buy tickets to the Ngoc Vung island here you move with the wooden boat to the island. The train runs from 8 am to 1:30 pm is coming. Travel time: from Cam Pha to Ngoc Vung island about 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 50,000 VND/person.

The media moved on the island you'll be moving on to the car or truck also called a student a student to go to the heart of this beautiful island.

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