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NFL Week 15 Fact Or Fiction: Beard and Stache Edition

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

NFL Week 15 Fact or Fiction: Beard and Stache Edition

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- Troy Ballard and Adam Parker
Week 15 of the NFL threw some serious monkey-wrenches in the plans of several teams, and with only one more week of games remaning, it was do or die for most playoff contenders that haven't already secured a spot.  
Troy and Adam tackle the biggest news from around the NFL in the latest addition of Beard and Stache fact or fiction! 
10. Kyle Orton should be considered the long-term answer at quarterback in KC after leading the injury-riddled Chiefs to a win over the previously undefeated Packers.. Troy: FICTION - The Chiefs may have knocked off the Green Bay Packers, but Orton did about the bare minimum to win the game. The real reason Kansas City won was because of an amazing defensive performance. Matt Cassel will still be the starter next season, but Orton will still be on the team at the minimim as a back-up.  Adam: FACT - I understand that the Chiefs still have Matt Cassel under contract, but this is the second year in a row that his season has ended prematurely because of injury. Orton is still a starting quarterback in this league, and after his showing against the Packers today, he's more than earned a chance to at least compete with Cassel for the starting gig next season.  9. The Jacksonville Jaguars should cut their losses with Blaine Gabbert and draft a quarterback with their first-round pick in the upcoming draft.. Troy: FACT - There is clearly a reason that Gabbert slid as far as he did in the draft. The kid is not ready to start in the NFL, and the Jaguars made a huge mistake earlier this season releasing veteran quarterback David Garrard. With as deep as the quarterback class is this season, the Jags' can get a great rookie for a great price and move on from Gabbert.  Adam: FICTION - I wanted to go fact, but I just can't get over the fact that Gabbert has been set up to fail since he doesn't have any decent weapons in the passing game around him outside of tight end Marcedes Lewis. Draft a stud receiver in the first round and give Gabbert another chance. If he doesn't improve in his second season, then look elsewhere. 8. Eli Manning and the New York Giants will be watching the playoffs from home after losing to the Washington Redskins.. Troy: FACT - How anyone has lost to this Washington Redskins team is puzzling to begin with, but especially a playoff caliber team like the Giants. The second-half collapse in New York is in full-force, and Giants fans can count on Tom Coughlin getting fired soon.  Adam: FACT - This was a terrible loss for the G-Men. Tony Romo has been on fire for the Cowboys the last few weeks, and to be honest, now that Dallas has the division lead, I don't see them losing it again. 7. With Kahlil Bell's emergence, the Chicago Bears can be confident moving forward with Bell over Marion Barber as Forte's backup.. Troy: FACT - When the Bears signed Barber in free-agency this off-season, I thought it was a great move. However, his play last week single handedly lost Chicago the game. Bell did one thing much better than Barber, and that was hold onto the ball. Bell won't be making headlines, but he is at least a solid and consistent player. Adam: FACT - Bell's performance today combined with Barber's bone-headed play against the Broncos last week makes me believe this would be a good move for Chicago going forward. 6. The Seattle Seahawks can contend in the NFC playoffs.. Troy: FACT - For some reason, the Seahawks seem to get incredibly good when they are playing in must-win games. Seattle's offense is being carried by Marshawn Lynch, and the defense has been solid. The Seahawks won an upset over the Saints last year, and who knows, it could happen again.  Adam: FACT - Why not? They beat the Saints last year purely on the legs of Marshawn "Skittles" Lynch, and winning five of their last six puts them in great shape of making the playoffs. If they can get there, with the momentum they're riding, you can't rule them out. 5. The Green Bay Packers' loss to the Chiefs makes the Super Bowl race wide open in both the AFC and NFC.. Troy: FICTION - The Packers may have looked really bad against a bad Chiefs team, but they are still the best team in the NFL. One slip-up on an undefeated season will not tarnish their chances in the postseason, and I don't see Green Bay losing again. The AFC is still totally inconsistent, and is open, as no one team wants to take a commanding position.  Adam: FACT - After falling to the Chiefs, the Packers are even more vulnerable in my mind to teams like the Saints and the Falcons. As for the AFC, that's not anything new, as it's been a wide open race for as long as I can remember back this season. 4. Tim Tebow will be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos next season.. Troy: FACT - It seems that John Elway really does not like Tebow all that much, but it's hard to deny how much the fans love him. How he wins is totally not conventional, but he does just enough to get the job done. There's no way they let this kid go.  Adam: FACT - After what he's accomplished this season (and he's still going strong), I don't see how John Elway and head coach John Fox can't say the job is Tebow's to lose next year. If nothing else, he should definitely be listed as the No. 1 guy on the depth chart heading into training camp next season. 3. With a blow-out win over the New York Jets, Andy Reid saved his job with the Philadelphia Eagles..  Troy: FACT - With the way the season started, it seemed like Andy Reid was a lock to get fired. However, the Eagles have rebounded and are actually still technically in the playoff hunt. In Philly's game against the Jets, Reid coached his team to perfection, and made an excellent case to give him one more chance.  Adam: FACT - Well, they haven't fired him up to this point, so obviously they want to give him a chance increase his dwindling job security. As long as Philadelphia finishes on a strong note, I think the Eagles organization will give Reid the benefit of the doubt and at least bring him back next season since he'll get to have a full training camp with the vastly changed roster. 2. Drew Brees' name should be thrown into the MVP discussion..  Troy: FACT - The reality is that there should be a lot of names in the MVP discussion, Brees included, but Aaron Rodgers has the award locked up. Brees has had an impressive season, and he definitely does deserve recognition, but Rodgers has had the better overall season.  Adam: FACT - He's in the running along with Brady and Rodgers to break Dan Marino's passing record. He had five touchdowns and a 149.2 quarterback rating against the Vikings. He has a quarterback rating over 100 for the season and his team is a legitimate Super Bowl contender with him at the helm. If that's not good enough to get his name on the list, I don't know what is. 1. After surpassing the century mark in receiving yards this season, Cincinnati Bengals rookie wide receiver A.J. Green deserves to be in the Pro Bowl.. 
Troy: FACT - The combination of Andy Dalton and AJ Green has been total money this season. Green as a receiver reminds me of a young Terrell Owens, and of all the receivers in the NFL, especially the AFC, Green deserves to go to the Pro-Bowl.  Adam: FACT - The 1,000 yards is impressive, but honestly, after what he accomplished at Georgia, did we really expect anything less? This guy is a superstar wide receiver without the diva attitude. It doesn't get any better than that. Not only will he make the Pro Bowl this year as a rookie, you can bet he'll be a regular visitor to Hawaii over the next decade.  Be sure to follow Beard and Stache on Twitter @BeardAndStache, and also Troy @TroyBallards and Adam @Adam_Parker43, Like our Facebook page HERE!

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