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NFL Talks Heat Up Marco Island

By Mixtapekid45
NFL Labor Talks Picture
As The NFL Lockout continues the former NFLPA union had their annual meeting in Marco Island on Friday. What confuses me is the fact there not a union but, they basically are still talking and acting like there one. They just don't have the power of one.
Also yesterday March 17th Roger Goodell the commissioner sent out a letter basically describing what exactly were the key points of their proposal to the NFLPA. You can see the full letter here from ESPN .
He also said that the offer they presented was "a strong and fair basis for continuing negotiations" yea okay it was not strong enough. Its hard to say what exactly is fair because both sides have such a different mindset and the key issue after the 15 day extension is still the 9 billion in league revenues.
It was also interesting at the end of letter the commissioners concludes by saying "i hope you will encourage your Union to return to the bargaining table and conclude a new collective bargaining agreement".
this is interesting because the players officially decifarted so it means the union was dissolved. so, its clear to that Roger Goodel clearly knows that their still working as a union if he is addressing this to 1,900 NFL Players. As well as the players still knowing that their a union just without the official title.
Its hard for me to feel sympathetic for either side if your making more than a million dollars a year, and you want more. It seems that the common denominator is greed here, hopefully this gets resolved soon for our sake the fans sake.
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