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NFL Fans Fighting Back Finally

By Mixtapekid45
Fan Sues The NFL
Ever since the lockout started i have stressed that us the fans have really had no say at all in what has been happening. We have been the silent and not really being able to address our feelings or concerns to the league and the players. But, one man from Cleveland is finally standing up.
His name is Ken Lanci, he is suing the NFL for breach of contract for 25,000. As well as suing the browns and the league for 25,000 dollars for bad faith counts for alleged contract interference.
Its good to know finally that somone is taking action for the greater good of us all. I mean i don't exaclty know if the NFL would, pay Lanci a dime. But he does have a point those NFL seat licenses can be very expensive even though he is a multi millionaire. Once acquiring one of those you still have to pay for tickets for each game.
But, for Lanci he has Browns tickets, which probaly are not that much compared to jets or giants tickets. At the end of day it still is money though which no one can argue regardless of your income. He also said something great as well saying.
"People are fed up,I'm just trying to do this for the greater good of all ... I want them to do the right thing." Thank you Ken Lanci from one disgruntled fan for you saying your part and telling the NFL how we truly feel. We can only hope this lockout ends sooner than later and an agreement is reached between the two sides.
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