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By Threadandbutter @threadandbutter
Next HomewareI was given a NEXT voucher as one of my Christmas presents and have been trawling the online store to see what new things I could get. I think I will probably end up spending it on homeware as I have found some beautiful lamps and a vase that would look lovely in my bedroom. The only problem is...I can't decide which one to go for! I really like the combination of the mustard bases with natural cotton shades. I've been reading a lot in bed lately (Dracula to be precise. If you haven't read it already then you should definitely get your hands on it - it's free on kindle!) and my fairy lights just don't cut it. I'm not normally comfortable spending lots of money on one item, but as it's a gift voucher it feels different. Right?

Please help me in my dilemma. Which one do you like, or have you seen any lamps around that you think I would like? (Then I could spend my voucher on clothes!)1. Ollie Ceramic Owl Lamp2. Jam Jar Vase3. Little House Lamp4. Sweetness and Light Lamp5. Felicity Lamp6. Jug LampFind all of the above items on the Next website. 


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