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News Flash: I'm Still Alive!

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
Ooof! Another week has passed and I've yet to update my blog. Shame on you, mich!
Buuuuuut.. in my defense, I've been really busy making polishes to fill up the pre-orders that some of you have placed at the end of last year!
After a long two months, I've finally managed to get more suspension bases to mix up a storm. Unfortunately I had trouble securing some other supplies for Wrath, Lust and Envy. I've already been contacting some of you to confirm your orders and there are a few who did not reply so I had no choice but to offer the polishes to the next person on the list.
So... If you have placed a pre-order with me, please check your inbox (the paypal email address that you've used) and the spam folder for updates! 

Apart from filling pre-orders, I have also been working on some new colors. Here are some quick and dirty swatches that I've posted on Instagram:
News Flash: I'm Still Alive!
Spring Kisses. 2/3 coats on its own.
Delicate pink flowers blossoming amidst a snowy white base - this is partly inspired by a picture posted on IG by A Lacquered Affair a while ago. I added some fine lavender and holo sprinkles to complete the look.
News Flash: I'm Still Alive!
Water Snake. 3/4 coats on its own.
As this year is the year of the water snake for the Chinese, I mixed up this reptilian franken. It is a dark green (near black) with green flecks and sprinkles of gold.
News Flash: I'm Still Alive!
Blue Bell Bottoms. 2 coats on its own under indirect light.
My first attempt at making holos! I had wanted to try duping DS Glamour but it proved to be impossible. So I gave up and focused on making a blue holo that resembles denim. This picture turned out slightly color inaccurate methinks - it is not as bright and slightly darker IRL. The holo effect is not mindblowingly strong but I'm quite happy with how it looks on this blue. I will definitely try sourcing for some spectraflair to play with next time.
Meanwhile, I will continue to pray that I will find a bottle of DS Glamour some day. I want it soooo much. *writhes about in agony*
So what do you think of these new colors?
Just in case you are wondering, I haven't set a release date yet because I am still sorting out the pre-orders and working on other new colors. Do let me know if you have some ideas you'd like me to try! ^_^
Till next time! <3

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