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New York Knicks Losing Games Like Blood

By Mixtapekid45
Carmelo Anthony Bloodied And Down
When Carmelo Anthony quoted Yesterday saying the "Knicks will turn things around in time for the post season".  It made we wonder really can you? I would understand this from a team like the Boston Celtics, and the Los Angles Lakers.
With there veterans players as well as their backgrounds allowing them to be able to turn it around in a hurry. But, with a team that has lost 7-10 since acquiring Carmelo Anthony and the fact that they don't really have much to back this claim up with, i do not really believe him.
What the Knicks never really addressed in their trade for Carmelo is the fact that in reality the team needed defense they give up the 2nd highest points allowed in the leauge at 105.5 and they score 106.2.
This means that if they don't play any defense they have to outscore the opposing team ever night. Something that in the NBA is hard to do consistently in an 82 game season.
Carmelo Anthony is an amazing offensive player but, never has been known for his defense. If the Knicks look to make noise in the playoffs and snap their 4 game losing streak there going to have to play both sides of the court as this season ends.
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