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New Years Revelation

By Jr @TheWrongGirl_
Sometimes we take the wrong route to reach our truth.  The important part is then realising our truth and staying on the right path, no matter how difficult that may be.  Be true to yourself, even if you have to start all over again; there's no shame in that.  The only true shame is repeating the same mistakes, and settling out of fear.
I didn't spend my New Year's Eve screaming We Are Your Friends to a bunch of heads in a gaff, and I'm not one for Jesus but I'm glad the last day of 2012 was spent honouring Hebrews 13:2, and I will try to continue this tradition (perhaps that's my resolution).  And this is my daily to-do list:

New Years Revelation

Ye Olde Tumblr pictures 2/13

Hello 2013; my terrifying tabula rasa.  I'm ready to be scared/lonely/real/true/awesome as fuck.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." - Tony Robbins
It's JR, bitch! \m/
Hanging like a star fucking glowing in the dark.

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