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New Years Resolutions of the Stars - 2016

By Lakota @FHCShopping
Hey bitches, I'm back! And so are these guys, more's the pity...

Kylie Jenner
New Years Resolutions of the Stars - 2016

So, like, I was an Aunt again this year. Saint is cute but I can't show you a picture cos we haven't figured out where will give us the most cash yet. He puked on my Givenchy though, which was gross. Kim and Kanye had like the hardest time picking his name. I liked 'Wild West', Rob liked 'John' which is like, totally lame, just like him, and mom was holding out for 'High rate Inter West'. But Saint West is obviously totally #blessed. Cos a Saint is like totally better than a King, right? Tyga was majorly pissed. Oh right, 2016. Well I think I'm mostly gonna continue my quest for natural beauty and showing impressionable teens on instagram how just a simple lipliner can completely change the shape of your pout. And jawline. And butt. #miracle

Taylor Swift
New Years Resolutions of the Stars - 2016

I’m a changed woman this year y’all. Found true love with my bae Calvin, became a feminist (don't criticize the skinny millionaire white chick me, because I'm a woman and if you do that's sexist) and didn't write any songs about anyone in particular. Except Katy Perry. I mean, an unnamed female singer who's a total see you next Tuesday. Bad Blood is absolutely definitely not about how mean she is. I have loads of friends anyway. Right guys? BBQ at my place! Then we can all wear our jammies and bake kittens and stroke cookies! LOL, glitch in the programming there! Totally not manic!{SquadGoals for 2016 - Eliminate that Adele bitch}


New Years Resolutions of the Stars - 2016No plans for 2016 beyond the usual. Turns out I died while I was still a member of Hawkwind but the news took a while to filter through. Probably all the Jack Daniels acted as a preservative. Might take a trip with a few mates - Thor, Cilla, Keef and I were planning on taking the bikes for a run down to Brighton, check out the sharks at the Sea Life Centre - then probably another tour...Idris ElbaNew Years Resolutions of the Stars - 2016OBE, man. Check that out. Stands for Omnipotent Babe Enchanter. Whether I'm making your mom fall in love with a Baltimore drug kingpin - "ooh he's a good looking man, that Stringer Bell" - foiling serial killers whilst whilst wearing tweed better than Benedict Cumberbatch, or being mooted as the first black Bond, you know Queen Liz ain't immune to my charms neither. Aiming for the knighthood in 2016. Arise Sir Idris!Cheryl ColeCheryl Fernandez-VersiniCHERYLNew Years Resolutions of the Stars - 2016Howay, pet, it's bin a bit of an up an doon year, what with losin' the X Factor te that hoor Rita Ora, an all those people sayin' me marriage te JohnBernard wisna gan to last on accoont o' the language barrier. He's no gannae teyk all me millions, and ah cannae afford any more tattoo removal like. So 2016 is the year that ah'm finally plannin' te learn English! Jeremy ClarksonNew Years Resolutions of the Stars - 2016Some say that I'm a dinosaur who punched my producer over a row about steak, then lost my job at the BBC for being an unrepentant arse. Luckily the CEO of Amazon Prime called me in for a chat and we bonded over our mutual love of tax avoidance and global warming, and the rest, as they say, is history! Of course, I'll be giving up leather jackets and lamb chops for Veganuary 2016...and on that bombshell - HAPPY NEW YEAR!Remind yourself of my previous new year nonsense here and hereLakota x

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