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New Years Eve

By Rubytuesday
I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish all my readers, commenters and friends a very happy new yearIt's hard to believe that another year has passedAnd 2016 is just around the cornerI sincerely hope that he coming year is a good oneI guess it's down to me to make that happen2015 started wellI was in a good placeMood was goodWeight was stable Purging was at a minimum But the past couple of months have been toughAnd I'm struggling to bounce back after my second bout of pancreatitis However I am fighting hard to get on top of this slip Before it turns in to a complete relapse Purging is a problem again And am purging up to five times a day I know This is not good For my physical healthMy mental health It's a merry-go-round that's nigh on impossible to get off I don't want to stArt off the new year on a bad foot 
So happy new year to youWhere ever you may beWho ever you are Thank you for reading this yearFor commentingTexting Emailing For supporting me For being thereFor being honest with me even when it's hard to hearThank you for never judging meFor being a friend For catching me when I fellFor helping me put myself back together after I fell apartFor cheering me on through the good timesAnd never turning your back on me through the tough times Your words Your thoughts and wishes mean more to me than you will ever know I'm so grateful for this community Dwindling as it may beIt's a life line It's having human contact when real life doesn't provide itI hope that the coming year is a good one for youI hope all your hopes and dreams come true That tou meet all your goals and aspirations I hope the year is full of laughter and loveThat it's the best year yetBecause you deserve itWe deserve itGod knows we have suffered enough If you make one promise this new yearPromise to be kinder to yourselfWe are our own worst criticOur very own bully We are so very hard on ourselvesAnd that has to stopWe need to look after ourselvesBecause if we don't Who will?The next time you go to best yourself upOr tear yourself downStopThinkWould you say this to a friend?To a loved one?I'm willing to bet not So why do we do it to ourselves?Please Just be a bit nicer to youYou will feel the benefits I promise you
Happy new yearTo you and yours Let's hope it's a good one....

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