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New Year’s (non) Resolutions

By Uwbrooke

I know, I know, I know.  It’s been less than three weeks since the end of running season and there are still three weeks left in the holiday season – this is surely NOT the time to be talking about New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s time to settle in with a fresh batch of mulled wine or spiked egg nog, watch Christmas movies and attend holiday parties.  The next three weeks should be spent enjoying time with family and friends, with little to no energy put toward thinking about what is happening next… right?

I wish.

As someone whose professions straddle indulgence (El Gaucho) and wellness (Vitality NW and Body Fat Test NW/SoCal), my Christmas season is spent doing the exact opposite of what most of my friends and family do.  Since Thanksgiving, I have had exactly zero days free to spend in leisure – not that I’m complaining! December is a whirlwind of nutrition plans, CrossFit classes, looooong shifts at El Gaucho, and well-wishes to regulars and clients.  While my clients celebrate, I have the privilege of setting up plans that will help them rebound from holiday fun come January 1.  It’s fun and it’s intense – twice this month I’ve been too tired to stay awake while leftovers heat up in the microwave after work.  The best part? Come January, I’ll be ready to go with plans for all of you to work toward your weight loss, athletic performance, or overall wellness goals (while working through mine as well).

So, what are my goals for 2013? I’ve set an ambitious schedule for myself to achieve personal records in both half and full marathons, reach my lean muscle mass goal and crush weight lifting plateaus… all while fitting in a ton of international and domestic travel.  Specifically, I plan to:

  • Complete four half marathons (Washington DC on 3/16; San Diego on 6/2; Seattle on 6/22; Seattle on 11/25) with at least one PR
  • Complete one full marathon (either Portland, Maui, or Napa Valley) with a 10-minute PR
  • Hit 14% body fat
  • Consistently improve weight lifting and anaerobic performance at CrossFit
  • TRAVEL – San Diego, DC, Scotland/Ireland, Bali, Paris, Portland
  • Expand my practice upon completion of my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certificate

Sounds like a lot, right? It is.  In order to hit the ground running in 2013 for five races PLUS continued CrossFit participation (and avoid injury along the way), I have to give serious consideration to keeping my body healthy and my diet in check.  Look for posts in the next couple of weeks that outline exactly how I plan to train for each race while maintaining a Paleo lifestyle – and to see how I’m coping through this incredibly (beautifully) manic holiday season.  What are your goals for the next year? Please contact me if you are interested in having Body Fat Test NW/SoCal or Vitality NW help you achieve them!

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