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New Wave of Water Workouts Attracts the Young and Fit

Posted on the 26 June 2014 by Health_news

New wave of water workouts

With an increasing number of people suffering from various ailments there is a great demand for nutritious food and exercise to curb the benign and malicious illnesses spreading worldwide. A fit body requires regular exercise that will provide one with a sound mind. The food we intake nourishes the body no doubt but exercise nourishes our entire system.

Different exercises are developed keeping in mind the different physical tension the body can with take. Of all the workouts known to man, the most effective and most efficient would be water workouts. Known for its numerous health benefits especially for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism, these forms of exercises improve workout capacity, muscle endurance and ensure a better overall life quality.

Many academic institutions have incorporated aquatics in their syllabus in order to teach and motivate their students in understanding the importance of regular water workouts. This has resulted in a craze that almost every child is engaged in some water activity or the other now a days. Most of the youth start off with basic swimming sessions and after graduating from that they gradually enter the next level of either advanced swimming like synchronized swimming or water sports like diving, water polo etc…

A little time spent in water everyday has a bountiful impact on the human body as it helps in contributing towards muscle development which translates into a higher metabolic rate and overall fitness.  Many of those recuperating from injuries are advised by doctors to take on water workouts as it has 12-14% resistance factor compared to all the land based exercises. The buoyancy factors of aquatic exercising allow a person to engage in activities that may not be possible on land. Even animals are encouraged to take to the pool to increase their longevity by keeping hip and joint displasia at bay. Young mothers hit the pool after a few months of giving birth to get back in shape. This is the most beneficial of all exercises to them as its helps in losing weight and improving flexibility.

In short, we have been hit by a new trend of water workouts. Pools to exercise in are available in recreational clubs, educational institutes, resorts and some of us are lucky to have a pool in our backyards. A group in the water is fun as it a nice way of socializing with the other and identifying ones strength and weakness and develop a program to overcome it accordingly. Yet another gem in the crown for aquatic workouts would be the fact that water prevents overheating of the body as it keeps it cool for longer as compared when on land. The ocean is a largest pool to work out in as one can creatively jog along the shore and then go in for a dip.

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