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New Moon in Pisces – Beware of an Unexpected Storm.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


I don’t often look at New Moons on Solaris Astrology unless they are eclipses. The New Moon on 21st Feb is a little different, at this one looks as if it will be quite potent. The New Moon presents a decent time for us to start off new ideas. This approaching New Moon however definitely has caught my eye. The one approaching on the 21st February is a corker, and could trigger off any amount of nasty and disruptive action around the world. Let me explain…


This New Moon will be the first one in Pisces since the Neptune ingress a few days ago occurring at 2:42 Pisces. New Moons in Pisces herald the end of one cycle of life and point towards when the Moon will enter into Aries next time, the beginning of a new one. By now, we should have learnt all the emotional lessons that we needed to learn in the year. Often it is a good time for rest and recuperation, for contemplation and repose, before Spring comes and new growth starts. This New Moon conjuncts to Neptune and Chiron, the wounded healer, however before you get the candles out to celebrate all this spiritual energy, beware. Neptune in Pisces can be very deceptive and Chiron not only can initiate healing but also wounding and hurt & this particular New Moon goes out of this astrological cycle with a huge bang with maybe some casualties along the way.  

The New Moon moment features a very stressful pointer aspect including Neptune conjunct the Sun & Moon, with Mercury, Uranus and Venus all making stressful aspects to Mars opposite at 17.47 Virgo. As I said, New Moons initiate things, and here we have an almost exact quindecile between Uranus and Mars. The last time these two planets collided in a quindecile aspect, a very focused stream of energy, was on 17th December last year when a devastating tropical storm hit the Philippines killing hundreds of people and there were violent clashes in Cairo and even protests in Belgium of all places. Mars shows force and Uranus shows the potential for shock and trauma. I think that the possibility of some sort of accident or natural disaster will be much higher than normal, the New Moon being the trigger activating the Uranus Mars quindecile. Mars is also opposite to Mercury and inconjunct to Virgo in go ahead Aries, so maybe there will be some public disagreements or arguments that will hit the headlines.

Anyone with personal planets on 17/18 Virgo conjunct to Mars or at 2/3 Aries conjunct to Uranus’ position may well feel the effects of this quindecile. If you do have any connections here, be careful as you may be accident prone around this time. For the rest of us, this New Moon brings a wealth of vibrant energy that we can use to good effect. Seeing as both Saturn and Mars are retrograde, I would desist from starting any new ideas from scratch, however anything that you are currently working on something it can get in a shot in the arm from this New Moon which will be trine to disciplined Saturn sextile to expansive Jupiter and conjunct to inspirational Neptune.

Those people and countries who will feel the New Moon set up more than most include

Syria – The New Moon squares to both natal Uranus and Mars so the violence will continue unabated Transiting Mars opposes the Syrian Moon which shows violence towards the suffering population. A ray of light though. Transiting Jupiter is square to the nodal axis and Jupiter so might we at last see some international intervention to try and clear up the horrible situation in the country?

Iran – Mars conjuncts the Iranian North Node and as I explained in my earlier post last month this may be the pointer of things to come. The closest midpoint in action over this New Moon is Neptune square Sun/North Node. Noel Tyl this indicated feeling that relationships are threatening and bothersome. Will Iran get more aggressive because of this New Moon?

Israel – Erratic Uranus is trine to Israel’s Midheaven and Moon and transiting Pluto is quindecile to natal Uranus & square to Neptune. With transiting Saturn almost conjunct to Israel’s Scorpio ascendant, I think there will be more than a little tension in the air with these outer planets making connection. Mars at the time of the New Moon will be hitting the exact midpoint of Moon and Ascendant which sounds very hair trigger and the people calling for action by the state.

Palestine – Uranus hits within a degree of the Palestinian Mars and with Mars quindecile this point. There is a distinct possibility of things “kicking off” again in Gaza and the West Bank. This time could be a turning point for the Palestinian people as the transiting Nodes will be exactly square the natal Nodal Axis. Transiting Saturn will also be one degree off an exact square to the Palestinian Moon representing the people, which could see death or Israeli authorities putting up yet more barriers up against the population.

USA – The New Moon makes a trine to both the US Venus and Jupiter so for once good financial news may well be coming out and boosting the US Economy, for a while at least.

UK – The new Moon hits exactly bang on to the second on the UK’s Pluto and Mars is 0.05 degrees from an exact quindecile to this conjunction. Now Pluto rules the 2nd house of UK finance and possessions & Mars rules the 7th house of dealing with other nations. Will decisions from abroad, perhaps the European Union affect the UK financial position, or more pertinently will the Falkland Islands argument with Argentina flair up again? Mars quindecile Pluto can be a destructive influence and/or a controlling forceful influence and remember at a New Moon the reflected energy of the Sun is extinguished. Could this be a signal for a significant death or deaths or a significant loss of power? Cancer rules the Midheaven so there could be something important happening at the top of British society.

Argentina – The New Moon is quindecile to Argentina’s natal Mars so tensions and bravado in Argentina may rise on the back of it. Transiting Mars will be sextile to the Argentinian Sun and trine the Moon so any aggressive action will get support from the top and also from the people. Venus rules the Argentinian natal chart with Libra being on the Ascendant, and transiting Venus will on New Moon day will square the Moon, square to the natal Sun and Midheaven, trine to Mars and quindecile to international Jupiter. Something tells me that something is gonna happen between the UK and Argentina, although it might not be violent, possibly an international decision on the fate of the Falklands affecting both countries.

France – With election fever starting to rise in France (the Presidential election is held on 22nd April), the New Moon squares the French natal Moon, and is trine to Jupiter and square to Saturn, so the campaign for winning the votes of the people will rev into gear. Transiting Saturn will be half a degree from connection with the French natal Neptune, so look for some scandal or hidden truths to come out which may completely upset the presidential race.

Russia – As I have written on this blog before, I think Russia could get quite tense in February. The New Moon and Neptune opposes the Russian Moon so we may well see the people could come out again onto the streets in opposition to Vladimir Putin and his party United Russia. Mars is square to Mars which looks violent and transiting Uranus square to the Russian Sun so I think everything could get quite messy.

Australia – The new Moon squares the 2nd/8th house nodal axis so big business and finance issues may well be on the agenda in Australia, with problems coming out of the woodwork that Julia Gillard may not be expecting. The Aussie PM has the New Moon and Neptune trine her Mercury/Mars conjunction which itself is being challenged by Saturn, which sounds to me as if she may have to be dealing with some industrial disputes of some sort in the not too distant future. 

China – This New Moon hits almost exactly quindecile to the natal Pluto Mars conjunction in the Chinese chart and is trine to freedom loving Uranus. Will the Tibet question raise it’s ugly head again? There have been some self-immolations in Lhasa in protest to Chinese occupation and rule recently. Might we see a crackdown on the province again. Transiting Pluto square to the Chinese Sun does seem to back this view up. On the Tibet chart, the New Moon is square to the Tibetan Saturn and trine to natal Pluto, so some extra control may well imposed.  

Chile – The last major earthquake to hit Chile happened on 27th Feb 2010, a gigantic 8.8 on the Richter scale. This Full Moon hits exactly quindecile the Moon position of the moment of the quake and transiting Mars lands bang on the Midheaven to the second. With Uranus exactly quindecile this position and opposing Saturn’s position on this day, could another huge quake hit in a similar region off the Chile coast?

South Africa - The new Moon hits South Africa’s chart conjunct to the natal Moon, affecting in the process the people. The South Node will be one degree from conjunct with the South African Sun and Midheaven and at the same time the transiting North Node will be quindecile to Pluto in the South African 10th house. Might a figure of great importance in South Africa pass away?

The New Moon on the 21st should bring good fortune to actress Demi Moore (who needs it) and presenter Jay Leno as they both receive a lovely hit on their natal Jupiter. Kelsey Grammar has the full Moon connect with his natal Sun, so new work or opportunities may come his way. Colin Firth has Mars conjunct his natal Sun. Colin in my opinion will have to be very careful indeed to avoid any risky situations as transiting Uranus will be conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint. This could be a dangerous time for him as he also has transiting Pluto quindecile his natal Mars!!!

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