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New Moon 22nd July 2013 - Balancing Your Needs Against Those of Others.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

full moon 2

We have just experienced a “Blue Moon”, the first of two in a row to occur in the sign of Aquarius. As you will know Full Moons show the completion of a cycle and maybe this is why parlance goes that maternity wards always seem to get busier around the time of a full Moon. This one in Aquarius stresses logic and free thinking as well as stressing the need of the many against the needs of the individual.


Now this Full Moon is being held to account by the square from Saturn that is telling us in no uncertain terms to balance our needs between your own personal and individual ones and the needs of other people, of groups and/or your friends. I think Saturn will force you I think to make a choice between the two now, or to set some kind of limits that you will just have to adhere to.

This is a complicated chart as we have the grand water trine working in the background still helping us to fulfill our dreams and with Mercury moving forward and Mars in conjunction with Jupiter we can make a big impact if we decide to act now. Pluto opposes these three planets and it may be that we have to overcome some powerful people or opposition if we are to progress on and anger could surface reacting against any blockages. Uranus squares to Mercury, so we can find innovative and logical solutions to problems if we have them.

Now if things aren't going well, then the Venus opposition to Neptune as an outlet for the grand water trine could lead to some disillusionment and the potential to be dishonest or evasive in any kind of relationship or with finances, so watch out and be careful.

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