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By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
NEW IN | TexturesSlouched Trousers & Textured Jumper - Both from Matalan
Last week I popped into Matalan initially on the hunt for some pieces to add to Ewan's wardrobe as the weather is heating up, but regardless of where I am if they sell women's clothes I can't resist a gander. So here we go I left the shop with a new outfit for Ewan and alas some lovely new pieces for myself (No self control). Looking through Instagram I have complied a list of things I would like for myself after seeing people post up pictures of these new textured jumpers I couldn't resist the urge when I found the jumper in Matalan. It was £14 and I think it is a great price for the quality, the material is to die for. It fits like a dream with the shoulder seams hanging off your actual shoulder - It's quite a slouchy jumper and because of the texture it looks more expensive than it should be.
The next item I brought was these trousers - I actually picked these up along the work wear section. I was drawn to them by the material and silver hardware at the bottom of the drawstring. They have a fully working drawstring (none of this just for show business) and an elasticated back giving you ease to wear them wherever you feel comfortable, I personally like them to fit just above my hips making them more of ankle grazers. They are a straight leg and because you have ease to where them however you like, they make the perfect versatile trouser. For £10 they were a complete steal that I am sure to get lots of use out of. You could really dress these up with heels or dress them down with slip ons. The trouser that fits your mood. Thanks for reading Leigh xo

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