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New Hair, New Start

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
It was just about time to shake off that 70's depression and move on to the next bit. After a big wave of inspiration and always knowing what to post (which sadly lasted for only a week), I came back to my everyday cliche non-inspired life even though I did so many things but none of them actually inspired me to do anything. The only thing that helped me move on was today's 'big ass event' in the form of cutting my hair. A lot. Life is change and change is life. I need to get used to it and stop considering 'what if I haven't cut the hair so short'. Tell you what, then it wouldn't be a fricken change anymore. So here it is, my before and after (not exactly the way I imagined it when I was walking in, however in the end turned out to be even better than I've expected).
So here's the old depressing rain-forest bonga wonga citizen hair:
New hair, new start Even though I am going to miss those curls, I'm still moving on and hoping for the best - that my new 'hurr cut' is going to be more comfy and easier to look after. I'm too stupid and haven't thought about putting the picture in color so that you could see my hair color because now I have it a little lighter but you probably won't realize that because it's not that seen when not on sun light. So now, here's the civilized person hair cut:
New hair, new start Yes, I did it. And even though I told myself that I would grow my hair long, I haven't. But that's just the way I am. I break all my resolutions. And you know what? Thanks god for that. From previous outfits you might've seen my hair already and got and idea of what it looks like. So now my fail inspiration post dedicated to my new haircut nominated as the 'happening of the month' poses a question: Which hairstyle do YOU prefer?

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