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Posted on the 05 April 2017 by Calvinthedog

No More Thread Hijacking: I am starting to get very tired of this. Every single thread on this site gets terribly hijacked and taken off in directions that have nothing to do with the post. A few commenters take over, hijack the thread, and turn it into a discussion of themselves and their pet peeves or oxes to grind or resentments or themes of their lives or whatever.

And these people are are unbelievably repetitive. Are humans just naturally obsessive? Or maybe most people seem to have only a few underlying themes in their lives of things that are really bothering them, their oxes to grind. These beefs have in a way become part of the theme of their life – this is their pet resentment serving as one of the themes in their life. I am really amazed at the limited range of topics that humans seem to want to talk about. It’s like everyone’s a bit autistic. Commenters on here usually have one overriding theme that they hammer away at for weeks, months or years. Are humans really that single-minded?

Anyway,  Trash is by far the worst violator here. Lately Mayur is giving him a good run for the money. And they are dragging lots of other crabs down into the barrel with them, one lately being A-Man.

If you want to hijack a thread, no problem. Just take it over to Open Topic. That’s what it is there for.

Oh, and guys? Guess what? Got some news for you. There is no one single overriding resentment theme in your life that explains all of the problems of your life journey this far. That’s one of the first things you are supposed to learn in therapy if you any of you needy folks bothered to go. Blaming all your problems on one bogeyman is simplistic thinking. You’re thinking like a child. Which is perhaps the level beyond which many of us adults never manage to transcend.

You guys keep hijacking threads, and I am going to start banning some of you.

Have a nice day!

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