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New Clothes

By Rubytuesday
I saw Mary today
It was so good to be able to give her  positive report of my week
I've been seeing Mary for almost 3 years
And for most of that time I have been really struggling
Losing weight
Purging endlessly
Isolating myself
Abusing my meds
Feeling anxious and depressed
Not wanting to live
There have been so many tears
So many emotional breakdowns in that room
Family meetings
Euphoric highs
Crippling lows
Mary has seen me at my very worst
And the great thing is that now she gets to see me feeling a lot better
It came just at the right time as she is leaving after the summer
The funding for her job has been cut
Like so many other things in this country at the moment
She starts her new job as a suicide crisis nurse September 1st
She said that there will be no one appointed to deal with eating disorders
But that I will be seen by someone if I need to
I have seen so  many counsellors and therapists over the years
Mary was by far the best
She will be sorely missed
By me and all the people she sees
I am glad though that I am in a better place
At least that is something
As I wrote yesterday I bought some new clothes
I am really quite pleased with them
They are going some way to helping me feel better about my new body
Here they are...........
New clothes
New clothes
New clothes
New clothes

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