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New Band, New Motivation

Posted on the 11 October 2012 by Floydian42 @Floydian42
Although it's been in the works for a while now, I'm pleased to announce that I have officially joined my friends Sam and Casey to join a band! It started as Casey and Sam's brainseed. Basically, we're going for a pop-punk/emo/post-punk thing. Some of the bands that I know the other two are thinking of for inspiration are "Tiger's Jaw" and "Title Fight." For those of you who've read this blog at all, or know me in person, you may quickly realize this isn't exactly my preferred genre, or one that I've ever had anything to do with ever. Still, my friends needed a bassist, and I figured it would be fun, and it's not entirely out of nowhere.
You see, a few years back, I joined Casey and Sam's ska band on bass, and although the music was crap, the shows were awesome. I never really grew to like ska, but it gave me an appreciation for it. In this band, however, the writing process is a lot more collaborative, rather than me just laying basslines on top of shit. So I figured I'd look into these bands a little more, to sort of get a feel for what I can contribute.
Sam showed me one band that really caught me, Sore Eyelids. Although this Swedish group doesn't seem to have quite the same angst as the other bands, they sound like live they'd still have enough of a punch to make the grade (sounds like some of that punch is lost in production). The thing that really seemed to attract me to it is the attention to atmosphere. I love the tones these guys are using, and how they take over the track. The vocals don't seem to be the main focus. It all sort of reminds me of Shoegazing, and bands like My Bloody Valentine.
I want to bring maybe this attention to detail to the group. But either way, I'm still trying to find other bands that might inspire me. I'm still working on my more acoustic driven stuff. Song writing is song writing, right? Hopping from genre to genre, writing is still working out that ability. Anyway, I'm looking for new bands in that post-punk/emo sort of thing, so if you know someone good, let me know!
Oh, and the band name is "Keeler," named after my dog, who was found on Keeler street in Rochester. We'll post songs once we get decent recordings. We just got a drummer, Christian, so we're pretty pumped about that. Hoping to do shows in December/January. Updates as they come.

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