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New Article on Delphi Murders Quotes Me

Posted on the 17 May 2017 by Calvinthedog


This woman interviewed me over the phone a while back. Nothing came of it, so I thought they just dumped the story.

Blogger Robert Lindsay has a new theory he states is more than likely the truth that will eventually be revealed.

The entire situation is a tragedy and heartbreaking enough already, but this particular rumor, if true, is devastating.

Lindsay claims that Abby was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby.

The boyfriend’s family did not want their son to live a life filled with a bad reputation, child support payments, etc.

Though no names are stated, it’s alluded to that either the boy’s father, grandfather, or uncle went to meet the girls on the bridge that day to either try to convince Abby to have an abortion or worse, give her a back-alley procedure in the barn that seems to be the location of the kill site.

Libby may have fought harder than the suspects had thought she would, and they accidentally killed her, then having to kill Abby because she was now a witness.

It’s also speculated that Abby was found with a stake in her stomach, somewhat of a final intent to kill the unborn child.

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