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New American Transit Infographic – Young People Shift Away From Car Culture

Posted on the 18 May 2012 by Fibers @fibers

If you’ve regularly read our blog you’ll know we’re big bike fans here at We love biking to work, biking for fun and making t-shirts about biking. In celebration of Bike Month and since today is our region’s bike to work day we decided to create and publish an infographic about young people moving away from cars towards cycling, walking and public transportation. It’s not surprising with loads of young people out of work, moving back in with folks and the cost of gas rising that the new generations are opting to walk and bike more, but even 20 and 30 somethings from higher earning households are upping their alternative transportation. So wanted to highlight this cultural shift because we think it’s in the right direction and we believe part of being a socially responsible company is celebrating moves in the right direction.

We teamed up with PUBLIC Bikes, an awesome bike company out of San Fransisco, to bring you this graphic. PUBLIC Bikes are perfect for those looking for a comfortable, stylish ride. They also sells lots of wonderful bike gear and accessories. We can’t be happier to partner with them on this project.

So happy bike month everybody! May the wind be at your back, your tires ever inflated and your chain adequately greased.

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