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Never Too Broke for Beauty Budget Challenge!

By Brokebutbeautiful @never2broke4bea
Never too Broke for Beauty budget challenge - this beauty blogger's attempt to stick to a £10 beauty budget!
Never too Broke for Beauty Budget Challenge!
As the title of this post may suggest I am putting myself on a budget. I've recently seen a few beauty bloggers  attempting spending bans and followed their progress, however I don't think I would ever succeed on a complete spending ban. I do consider mascara and foundation absolute essentials, without them I would scare small children! Therefore, I am putting myself on a strict budget of just £10 a month for all cosmetic items. 
The rule of the budget challenge are as follows:
1) I define cosmetics as any makeup products, hair products and things such as makeup remover, face wash and deodorant. Therefore, I'm giving myself £10 a month to buy all of these products,2) I can use vouchers such as Clubcard points and Boots advantage card points to treat myself.3) Each month I'll blog about how I've spent my £10!4) If I want something that costs more than £10 I'll have to save up for it over a number of months.5) I can raise money to buy cosmetics, for example by selling unwanted items on Ebay. Although I'm not sure I have anything worth selling at the moment!
I am budgeting  because I am saving up  to move house, buy a dog and to pay for my wedding, which let's face it are worthy things to save up for! Luckily for me it is not too long before my birthday and Christmas so I may add a few cosmetic items to my Xmas list! I'm optimistic that this is achievable challenge because I have loads of products to use.  Also, I'll be turning to a few of my favorite budget brands when I need new products, these include MUA, ELF and NYC.
So are any of you beauty bloggers feeling brave enough to join me in the Never Too Broke for Beauty budget challenge? Also, do you think I'll stick to it? We will soon find out as I'm starting my spending ban on Monday 1st October. Wish me luck!!! 
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