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Netanyahu’s Disgusting Speech

Posted on the 06 March 2015 by Calvinthedog
I note that Netanyahu the leader of the Jewish National Socialist state of Israel received 20 standing ovations by the US Congress. That seems unprecedented. Why didn’t they all just take off their clothes and start masturbating in the isles if they were that in love with him? I almost would have expected something like that. Bottom line is Netanyahu is lying through his teeth. Iran has no nuclear weapons program that I am aware of. They have a nuclear energy program. The problem is that a nuclear energy program and a nuclear weapons program both look the same and both involve the same tech. So these idiots are saying that Iran cannot have a nuclear energy program.

Beyond that, Netanyahu is playing into some very deep seated Sunni racism and bigotry against the Shia which is almost genocidal in nature. He is playing into the “Sunni-Nazis” and supporting them against the “Shia-Jews.” Like his mentor Adolf Hitler, the Jewish National Socialist Netanyahu is accusing the Shia victims of aggressing against the Sunni aggressors. He paints victims as aggressors and aggressors as victims and he promotes genocidal thinking against a persecuted religious group. He’s a Jewish fascist more or less.

Israel owns Congress. We don’t even have two countries. We have one country called “USreal.” According to one view, the US is a colony of Israel. I support a decolonization project.

Actually, that is only one view. Another view is that Israel is not colonizing the US at all and instead there is one Jewish country called “USreal.” There is a small Jewish National Socialist country in the Levant called “Israel” which is the homeland of the Jews. However, there is also a very large nation called America that is also a Jewish country. There are over 300 million people living here and almost all of them are Jews in spirit if not in name. A Judaized Gentile is just a Jew with his sideburns shaved off.

Looking at it this way, it makes more sense. Most members of Congress are clearly Jewish in spirit. In fact, I would gather that US Congressmen are some of the biggest Jews in this entire Jewish country. So that the leader of the Jewish state was treated to an unprecedented welcome by 500 Jewish members of a Jewish Congress should hardly be surprising. After all, Netanyahu is the leader of their people. I am certain that 95% of US Congressmen see Netanyahu as their leader instead of Obama.

This country went Jewish long ago. I don’t see much hope anymore. We might as well all just convert already.

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