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Nerdy English Goodness.

By Hannahr395
I had an epic English geek-out a couple days ago. The story began in a book store in downtown Princeton. It is a very nice book store that I have been to a bunch of times in the past. Recently, they started selling t-shirts with the covers of famous books on the front of them. There is one for Great Gatsby, another for Pride and Prejudice, one for the Wizard of Oz, etc, etc. There also happens to be an amazing red t-shirt for A Clockwork Orange. A Clockwork Orange is probably in my top 3 books of all-time. I saw the shirt and a little part of my inner lit nerd died and went to heaven. Okay, that's a little melodramatic, but I seriously spent 15 minutes searching through all the bins for a women's shirt in my size. Wait for it, wait for it....there were no women's shirts. Zip. Nada. None. It was really sad.
The incident at the book store lead me to google search to see if the brand had its own website. When in doubt, google. Lo and behold, there was the site: amazing site of English goodness. The only problem is that it's not for indecisive people like myself. I'm torn between 5 or 6 different shirts. It also caused me to question which books are my favorites. Talk about a pensive evaluation. Anyway, so then I shared it with all my AP Lang friends, so that was fun (if any of you guys are reading this, yay!). I even sent in a suggestion that they make a shirt/sweatshirt for The Phantom of the Opera (another top 3 book). I was a tad bit enthusiastic.
Speaking of the wonders of literature, I've started reading "How to Read Literature Like a Professor" for AP lit summer reading. It's actually quite good. The author has a very easy-to-read style, and he raises a lot of valid points (I already have a page of notes and I'm not even past the first 10 pages...whoops). My copy of The Great Gatsby also arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm super excited to read that and discuss it to pieces. I'm also incredibly excited for the movie...I think I've watched the movie trailer about 10 times consecutively already. Anyway, English reading/Latin exercises are calling my name. Enjoy your last couple weeks of summer vacation.

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