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Neptune Conjunct Sadalmelek - Opening the Floodgates

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Pouring the urn

This aspect is active from tomorrow 14th Feb until 11th April 2013

Tomorrow on Valentine's Day, Neptune enters within one degree of orb with the fixed star Sadalmelek, one of the most prominent stars in Aquarius the constellation of the water bearer. This star sits on his shoulder and is seen as one of the most lucky stars in the sky, indeed Al Sa'd al Malik in Arabic means "lucky one of the king". What's more we have a confluence of water here, the water bearer pours a stream of talents and skills from his urn. Neptune of course is the ruler of water, of inspiration and dreams, so for the next couple of months we have a potent mix of watery energy in the water sign of Pisces.

This is a lovely inspirational and very psychic combination of planet and star. More than ever in the rest of February and into March your imagination can run wild, ideas and ideals can mix with your abilities and desires; the possibilities can be simply endless. In the unforgiving world of Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, this aspect brings light and color to contrast against the unforgiving dark and gloom that we have been experiencing through the depths of winter (here in the Northern hemisphere). This connection is much needed, it is like the breaking of a drought with plentiful rainfall, a monsoon which will bring life and lush pastures to parched fields and plains.

In your chart, look to the house where Neptune is moving and here is your chance to break the drought that lies within. Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces is a place of fortune and inspiration that can help us to attain our deepest wishes.

In the world, Robson says that this position is favourable for gain through companies, stocks and shares, so maybe the financial markets will feed off this energy? There is much sympathy and kindness here too, so maybe we will start to see a bit more caring and compassion between people? With the other influences active now it is difficult to imagine this, but maybe this conjunction will soften moods a little? This is a spiritual union which brings favour to the new Pope when he is selected, and in weather terms I can imagine incidents on water and flooding to be more prominent in the rest of this month and into March, the amount of watery energy is enormous and free flowing.

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