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Nelly FurTerrible ...

Posted on the 31 August 2012 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog

Nelly Furtado has announced a new trailer single to promote the release of her new album on September 18th. I can't say I've heard the two that have been released previously, but if this is anything to go by, this could be the worst music within her ever debilitating career.
 Parking Lot (Yes, that's the name of this 'song'), has an un-intriguing riff throughout its entirety and constantly has the sensation that Nelly has just stopped trying. Her half-assed performance is blatant and drains the life out of absolutely everything that it comes into contact with it - The lyrics are horrendous ... especially when "hour" is rhymed with "hours". The performance, as already touched on, is a bit like Gwen Stefani after the comedown of an incredible drug/drink binge ... basically, it's lacking in any sort of charisma whatsoever and, altogether, it's a song that angers me greatly.
That is, until, at 1:20 it all seems to open up and sort of flourish. I'm not about to say that it's single of the year, in fact, it could even be that the beginning is so bad that the middle and end sound brilliant, but the lightening of the place is a little bit fantastic.
Nelly noticeably tries a lot harder when the "na na na" rhythms come in and it allows the whole thing to open up. The only problem with this part is that, as the old saying goes, what comes up, must come down ... and this comes as no surprise, time and time again back to that attrocious beginning.
What a sham ... what a shame.

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