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Need for Warming Up Before Work Out

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Health_news

Need for Warming Up before Work Out

An Overview: Warm Up Session

A warm up session is a key requisite for heading towards any work out activity. It is essential for each one of us to take up warming before speeding up in gym, running, sports, swimming, aerobics, etc… Once the body is attuned and free, the person can easily shoot up to top level.  In case a person does not warm up and directly bump into work out session then there are more chances of experiencing injury or cramps. It is never a smart decision to jump straight away to work out. Let us understand the need of warming up before going for any work out session.

Need for warm ups:

A smart and efficient warm up session loses the tightness from muscles, joints and bones. The heart rate increases slowly and gradually making it easy for the person to work out perfectly. The body gets in sync with the hardness of work out sessions and makes you feel energetic.

The following are the key needs for warming up:

  • Warm up increases the flow of blood towards the working muscles in the body. It makes the body capable enough to take up additional load as well.
  • Oxygen is a vital element for the functioning of our body. Warm up increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles. It strengthens the breathing power of the person.
  • Warm up strengthens the heart and energizes it to take pressure while working out. While working out, the heart feels the major pressure. In case of warm up, it will help the person in facing that pressure and makes him or her capable of facing continuous pressure.
  • It helps in strengthening the muscles of the body and relieves the body from tightness and stiffness. It frees the muscles of neck, hands, legs, etc… to freely work out.
  • Regular warm up helps in reducing the chance of getting injured or sprained by any activity done in work out. It strengthens the joints and muscles to such an extent that body can face various injuries and still it can stand straight.
  • Warm out creates lubrication in the joints for easy and lock free movements. It makes the activity enjoying and also reduces the pain as well.
  • It increases the blood temperature and thus allows the person to remain energetic and work out for a longer period of time.
  • Our body undergoes a severe hormonal change from time to time. Warm up sessions help in stimulating hormones towards positive energy build up in body. It produces strength to take up great work out sessions with comfort.
  • Warm up impacts the psychology of the person. It brings confidence amongst the person to go ahead with successful work out session.
  • Warm up in stretching is very helpful while working out. It opens up all the muscles in the body and frees the movements while working out.
  • Warm up also strengthens neck, shoulders, hands, legs, back, etc…

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