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Authentic Power: How to Support Your Gifts and Passions

By Pamela Brown

Sometimes we feel so unhappy, inferior, and inadequate because we don't work in an environment where we can fully express ourselves. Research shows that we sometimes experience body image issues when we feel neglected, devalued, and overlooked in the workplace or in our business.

So, how can you find the best environments that will help you thrive and be the powerful, authentic woman you really are?

Discover your special place of expression

One strategy you can use to determine whether you are in the best environment to express yourself and get the happiness and success you desire is to understand your personality- who you are and what motivates you to do what you do.

The best and simplest quiz I know of is the Character Codes quiz by Brandy Michaels. When you take the quiz, you will learn about your driving need, and how you can meet that need so you can thrive. There is also the book you can purchase that provides a "deep dive" into who you are, what makes you tick, and how you can use your unique qualities to be successful in your life and career.

Here is the link to get started=> Character Codes Quiz.

My personal story

I learned from taking the quiz that my driving need is significance. I want to be important in the eyes of others.

I dream of being a business celebrity; I thrive in environments where I get credit for my accomplishments and talents.

I care deeply about making a difference in the world by using my unique gifts and talents.

So, now I understand why I want to be a soloprenuer, and why I want to leave an environment that doesn't appreciate my quality work, doesn't provide an outlet for meaningful work, or supply the attention, leadership opportunites, and recognition I crave.

I can accept my desires and needs so much more now because I see myself from a place of power versus a place of neediness and ungratefulness. I'm normal; this is how I'm wired, and it's all for a special purpose.


I strongly encourage you to take the Character Codes Quiz so that you can learn what you need to thrive in your career and life. When you understand yourself, you can make the necessary adjustments to discover your ideal career path that allows you to be who you are and attract success and fulfillment.

What do you think your driving need is? Feel free to comment below!

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