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Necessary Losses

By Brisdon @shutuprun
So, this happened.

Necessary Losses

Longmont High School Graduation

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, then you have seen Sam grow up a bit (I started the blog when he was about 11 years old).
It's been a bag of mixed emotions. I am just riding the wave. I've been reminded of an amazing book I read almost 20 years ago called Necessary Losses. I think my mom passed it onto me. I don't remember too much, but the premise of the book is basically that in order to move forward in life, loss has to be part of the equation. Certainly there is literal loss due to death, but there is figurative loss too -  Loss of our childhood. Loss of our innocence. Loss of our youthful skin as wrinkles set in. Loss of children as they grow up and move out. Loss of our PRs as we get older. The list goes on.
Basically it is about letting go. Learning to understand and accept the progression of life. Bottom line: Loss is inevitable. In fact, we start to experience loss from the moment we are born (when the cord is cut!)
Well, the literal cord was cut between me and Sam (by Ken!) over 18 years ago. But, the invisible cord still remains. Just because he goes 820 miles southwest to Tempe, Arizona doesn't mean the cord vanishes. It just changes. Maybe it becomes a bit longer and thinner. Maybe its strength increases and decreases with life's changes. But, just because he is up and out of the nest, I don't think of him as gone. He is just away for a bit and will be back.
As they say, it's not goodbye, it's just see you in a bit.
Necessary Losses

PS: Get the book. It helps.

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