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N.C. Wyeth

By Vickilane

N.C. Wyeth
The illustrations in my grandmother's copy of The Yearling were my introduction to the luminous work of N.C. Wyeth. I loved them because they were true to the bits of Old Florida still to be seen the early Fifties -- the tall pines, the tannin tinted rivers, the palmetto scrub.
N.C. Wyeth N.C. Wyeth's illustrations defined many a book for me and others of my generations -- the courtly knights of The Boy's Book of King Arthur . . .

N.C. Wyeth or the resourceful  Robinson Crusoe . . .N.C. Wyeth Or Treasure Island's Blind Pew, tapping his sightless way through the night to leave the Black Spot (and scare the bejeezus out of the reader) . . . N.C. Wyeth Or the gallant Robin Hood, on his deathbed . . .
Emily Dickinson tells us "There is no frigate like a Book/ To take us Lands away . . ." Very true. But, oh! if that book was illustrated by N.C. Wyeth, how much richer those Lands will be! (All images from THIS LINK. You might want to while away a little time in Wyeth's wonderful art.)
N.C. Wyeth

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